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Colorful Paint by Numbers kits: Choose your birds’ favorite

Even experts can’t name the exact number of bird species that exist. It’s no wonder that famous artists like Gauguin and Van Gogh have immortalized our feathery friends. They are the ultimate symbol of creation that unites the elements of nature.

Get your birds’ painting canvas now to try depicting this free-spirited animal. Maybe it’s even your spirit creature. Are you addicted to excitement and freedom? Bound to neither a person nor a place?

If you don’t feel like painting yourself, choose from one of our exquisite artworks that breathed life into this flying animal.

Do you prefer painting farm animals like horses or cows?

While these farm animals don’t possess the appeal of their wild brethren, their images soothe and relax. Most people associate them with rural tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. No smog, no noise, and no traffic jams. What’s not to love about country life?

Cows are the manifestation of patience and serenity. We can prove it: check out cow painting by numbers.

We also have the art-by-numbers canvas you need if you’re interested in horse DIY painting. In addition to soothing comfort, horses represent speed and freedom. They have influenced civilization more than any other animal.

Exotic wildlife: our Elephants & Lions paintings by numbers

Nothing offers a reprieve from daily life like elephant paint by numbers. Many cultures consider elephants a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. In some countries, the elephant is associated with supreme mnemonic ability. In Eastern Europe, for example, they say a person “remembers like an elephant” if they have an impressive memory.
Are you a Leo, or perhaps you perceive yourself as a leader? Were you ever wanted to try your hand at depicting a feline?

Look no further than our lion composition kit. The King of the Jungle and all animals grace canvases, sculptures, and even some national flags. Express your awe of the top carnivore with one of our kits. Alternatively, browse and purchase one of our superb wildcats compositions.

Sneak in the Underwood: deer and Wolf painting by numbers

Our deer painting kits include everything you need to bring this underwood creature to life. This innocent yet firm and wayward animal inspires many.
The wolf paint by number kit is the go-to option for fans of the fierce meat eater. Paint your spirit animal, or choose a wolf painting from our collection.

Fan of animals & flowers, adult painting by numbers?

You can use Winnie’s Picks’ Flowers painting kit to paint roses, lilacs, tulips, water lilies, or any other flower. We use up to 36 colors to ensure the best resemblance. We offer exclusively premium quality materials.

Winnie’s Picks has images of peonies, daisies, poppies, and carnations. From the customary to the exotic, we have left no flower or color out. It’s no accident that these were the top choice among nature morte (still life) artists.

Did you not find your perfect animal DIY painting? Custom one!

A personalized painting by numbers will make a fantastic gift. So will one of our kits be delivered in qualitative packages? Want to try your luck with the brush? See further instructions on custom paint by numbers.