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The king of animals: the monarch of the savannah

The reigning king of the savannah, the star of Leo, the top performer in the circus, and the animal all in the zoo fear: there are many ways to describe the ferocious, savage, and carnivorous feline.

Hearing its fearsome roar is an unforgettable experience. The lion’s gorgeous mane is a joy to behold and depict in the artwork. It takes a master to breathe life into the lioness on canvas, of the fierce protectiveness of her lion cub.

Second, only the lion is the fastest animal in the world – the cheetah. If it weren’t for the lion, this mammal would be the monarch of the savannah.

The lion: symbol of strength and courage

This magnificent feline, the undisputed King of the Jungle, may be native to Africa, but he has become an international symbol of strength and courage. The vicious carnivore is the master of the hunt. When he’s after you, there is no escape.

The lion graces the national flags of Fiji, Finland, Bulgaria, Zimbabwe, Montenegro, Paraguay, England, Scotland, Spain, and Sri Lanka. It is an inspiration to these and many other nations.

We can say with certainty the number of paintings it has graced is infinite. Artists “think” every detail on canvas painstakingly, from the paws down to the tail.

Are you looking for a numbered area art kit with an acrylic paint set? There is no better way for a painter to put a brush and paint pot to use than by depicting the king of the savannah in the colors and tones of life: red, yellow, and orange.

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When painting a lion on an animal's paint by numbers canvas, pay special attention to the paws, claws, fur, and tail.

If the lion seems too dangerous to you, we also offer this elephant painting by numbers kit for a serener portrayal of the savannah area. We also have plenty of other animal templates for you to choose from!

Did you not find your perfect Lion DIY painting?

We can all agree the definition of art is a matter of opinion. You can customize the perfect DIY painting from any picture you choose. Start your path to becoming an artist with one of our easy-to-use, beginner-friendly custom paint-by-numbers kits.

Create a fabulous feline with the most suitable pigments and gradients with a template and no dyes mixing. Choose a frame and a pattern to your taste.

You’ll find DIY artwork has never been so easy to enjoy. Africa is a source of endless and perpetual beauty. Our paint-by-numbers kits manage to do their flora and fauna justice. See for yourself – try your hand at masterful artwork today.