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The deer: symbol of gentleness and heart energy

Those of you whose spirit animal is the deer can infuse every facet of life with grace and gentleness, even in the most challenging times. Sweet images of the doe or the fawn remind us to be kind and gentle to ourselves and others. There were two aspects of the deer in the Celtic tradition: the female and the male. The female red deer was a symbol of gracefulness and subtlety. Any child that’s seen Bambi can tell us this. Deer inspires artists to give every artwork their all.

King of the Woods

With his impressive antlers, the stag is the undisputed King of the Woods. He is connected to the magical forest’s sacredness in Celtic myths. This mammal represents pride, purity, and independence. The King of the Forest protects all of its creatures. Deer and stags manifest the art of being both gentle and determined. The stag is King because he moves quickly, is vigilant, and trusts his instincts to escape even the most complicated circumstances. Hunters prayed to the deer on an excellent hunt back in the ages of hunting and gathering. In exchange, they promised to take no more than what their tribe needed to survive.

Renowned artists that loved painting deer

Carl Friedrich Deiker and Robert Cleminson were two of the most renowned artists whose oil paintings were dominated by wild animal images. Deiker’s canvas immortalized the hunt. He specialized in animal and hunt motifs. He loved depicting deer fights on canvas – his artwork is so lifelike you can practically hear the animals below.

Robert Cleminson specialized in sporting and Highland scenes. He was famous for venison, sporting dogs, and deer art subjects. His artwork remains highly sought after today because of his soft, diffuse painting style. When his brush touched the paint pot, it was absolute magic.

Want more animal painting by numbers kits?

With his mighty antlers, the King of the Forest is easy to depict on paint by numbers of animals as you paint by areas, where each canvas size is assigned a number. Use our high-quality paint set with acrylic dyes to breathe life into your spirit animal. Try this wolf paint-by-numbers art kit for another highly inspiring animal kingdom representative. No mixing is needed with the paint, as each area is delimited, and the result is stunning.

Did you not find your perfect Deer DIY painting?

You can custom a DIY painting from a photo of yours! The serene woods or a devastating hurricane is possible with our paint by number custom. Even a novice painter can create a masterpiece using a template or pattern with the correct gradient and pigments. No mixing of paint is necessary when you work by DIY numbered area. Don’t wait and get your perfect painting!