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What is a vintage paint by numbers kit?

The vintage painting by numbers was a famous early-American age craft founded by Max S. Klein and Dan Robbins in 1951. It was a coloring book on a canvas that promised to make everyone “Every Man a Rembrandt”. The paintings were mostly abstract landscape paintings and retro. 

In 1955, the company sold around 20 million kits all around America. It became a fixture in every American household! The finished paintings were framed and hung around every wall in the country.

However, although their market fully embraced the hobby kits, Craft Master, Klein, and Robbin’s company that sold the paint by numbers kits went bankrupt after a while because they couldn’t keep up with the demand.

But “everything old is new again”, and at one stage, the vintage paint by numbers kit is like a newfound craft for the youth and a re-discovery for the elder ones! It’s a never-ending circle.

Good old times, bringing us down memory lane.

There are certain days when we suddenly remember the good old, simpler times. Whether it’s a call back to our childhood on a cottage by the sea or when romance was built on love letters, we look back with fondness to days that seemed a bit easier.

Memories are bits and pieces of time spent in our relative past. In some cases, we only remember what was meaningful to us in some way. And over time, it may become a little bit distorted and distant.

However, memories can also come flooding back when you see a familiar object or when you visit places from your past like a beach chair that takes you back to summer days by the beach with your loved ones. It’s an amazing phenomenon that our brains are capable of doing. If you could relive old times, would you? And what time would you choose?

Faded images & tones: a feeling of nostalgia

Old memories can be brought about by anything. A certain image can somehow draw you back to a memory that brings a surge of nostalgia-- the notion of longing.

Faded-looking paintings awake an old, vintage feeling in us. The arrangement of lines, color, tones, and texture creates a reflective view of the past, where it’s washed out and distorted. Although some memories appear as clear as water, they can fade gradually over time.

Retro-style still-life paintings like a flower bouquet are great decorations for modern and vintage spaces that aim to incorporate a bit of the past. No matter how fast technology develops or how much the modern world progresses, nostalgia always raises our spirits from within. 

A bottle and a glass of red wine on your paint by numbers

Wine is a classic and timeless staple in ancient history. Although there’s no clear record of when and where it originated, wine is believed to have been discovered from accidentally spoiled grapes by ancient people thousands of years ago. Ancient Greeks then saw wine as nature’s gift and turned it into art. It has then become one of their greatest treasures, even offering them to the gods!

There’s definitely a whole lot of beauty in art and wine. Imagine dreamy outdoor picnics, a romantic afternoon on a balcony, or late-night drinks by the seaside while sipping your favorite Zinfandel or Cabernet-Sauvignon. Bring back old school with just friends, good food, and a bottle of wine.

No cellphones, no internet. People are just enjoying the day like it was back then! When choosing an art template by paint by numbers, consider our wine painting by numbers framed in oldfangled designs that are the true meanings of ageless and sophisticated art.

Vintage arts: pieces that inspire memories of yesteryear

Have you ever found yourself admiring the vintage pieces displayed at a thrift shop window or on trestle tables at flea markets? While some people enjoy going to the mall or shopping in boutiques, others prefer coming down to stores filled with retro, vintage selections.

Even in junk shops, you can find old, rare things like old cars and vintage sewing machines that you can still make something out of or could be a great addition to your antique collection. You can find many more amazing things in these old-school shops than just worn-out, second-hand clothes. It is like a treasure hunt out there!

No matter how sleek and beautiful modern designs look, there is no denying that outmoded, vintage objects and places will always have that classic charm. It’s a collection of what previous life looked like, thus inspiring today’s modern art. Many painters take their imagination from the past so that they can recreate it through their paintings.

Artists famous for creating retro-style paintings

Retro paintings are inspired by the trends and lifestyles of different historical eras. It is a genre of pop art that was developed in the 19402-50s. The most famous painting in pop art or retro-style is probably Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych, a silkscreen painting of Marilyn Monroe. He created the painting in 1967, a few years after the actress died in 1962.

Other movements are considered as well as retro-style, like pointillism with Roy Lichtenstein’s comic series, or like expressionism with Edvard Munch and the famous Scream painting sequence.

When painting retro-style paintings, you have to play with ideas and imagine what you want to picture out of your painting. Experiment with different strokes, patterns, and color tones and add textures and gradient colors to mimic retro-style art. 

Did not find your vintage DIY painting?

Do a custom one!

A perfect addition to your lovely home can be a vintage painting made by you.

Ever wanted to enter a room and instantly remember the good old days? Create a timeless still-art with our DIY personalized paint by numbers kit using an image that is close to your heart. Fill your home with that sophisticated, vintage aura that brightens up your day. 

Everything you will need is included in our art kit. It's all in there, from that perfect canvas with your image template to those high-quality brushes, acrylic paint sets, and paint pots. Additionally, painting your custom DIY art kit has never been easier!

You only have to color the numbered area with the variety of acrylic pigments that comes with it, no mixing is needed! So get your easel ready because a masterpiece is about to be created by you!