Photo to custom paint by number

Your Photo to a Custom Paint by Numbers

Bring your favorite photo to life with a custom paint by numbers. The perfect way to create a pet paint by numbers, a family painting or a vacation souvenir.

Our green journey

At Winnie’s Picks, we care about the environment. We looked in ways to reduce our carbon footprint while improving your experience. We know that a better future starts by taking actions and by caring for our planet Earth.

  • Fight_global_warming

    climate positive workforce

  • Plant_a_tree

    of carbon reduction

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    planted in Winnie's Picks forest

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Creating a paint by numbers

Artists collaborations

Since 2020, we collaborate with artists to create amazing paint by numbers!

This offers a triple guarantee:

1- All kits are sold with the proper licenses and artists are paid for their work,

2- The designs you'll find here are unique, and

3- The painting experience is better than what you'll find out there.