Your Photo to a Custom Paint by Numbers

Bring your favorite photo to life with a custom paint by numbers. The perfect way to create a pet paint by numbers, a family painting or a vacation souvenir.

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Discover what crafters have to say about their delightful DIY experiences and get inspired for your own creative journey.

Our green journey

At Winnie’s Picks, we care about the environment. We looked in ways to reduce our carbon footprint while improving your experience. We know that a better future starts by taking actions and by caring for our planet Earth.

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Creating a paint by numbers

Artists collaborations

Since 2020, we collaborate with artists to create amazing paint by numbers!

This offers a triple guarantee:

1- All kits are sold with the proper licenses and artists are paid for their work,

2- The designs you'll find here are unique, and

3- The painting experience is better than what you'll find out there.