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The beginner guide to painting by number

You shouldn't be too scared if it’s your first time. You might be a bit impressed with the number of tiny cells that you’ll have to paint, but nothing to worry about.

As much as this occupation might seem a bit strenuous, it is a great way to let go of all your thoughts and focus on something simple, fun, and entertaining. Since you do not need any extra tools, anyone and everyone can join in and participate, even beginners.

Soon, you will realize you’ve become an expert, and I’ll be up for your next challenge.

Easy paint by numbers for elderly

Painting is an activity that is accessible to all ages. Some might be more difficult if you do not have patience; in that case, the easy paint by numbers is ideal. If you are a senior, a less complicated version is available for you to enjoy your painting experience. Older adults looking for something amusing to do and relaxing can also go for easier paint by number.

It is quite common to get addicted to this fun activity, and you might spend hours working on your art project without even realizing it. That is the beauty of paint by numbers. No matter how old you are, this is great for every generation and a good way to connect with your family.

Easy to see painting by numbers

Paint by Numbers is very addictive and pleasant and is accessible to anyone and everyone if you have patience.

Painting by Numbers is for everyone; therefore, it has been made for everyone to participate. The numbers are easy to see and are indicated. That way, even older adults can take part since it is effortless. However, make sure to follow the lines on the cells. Sometimes, even when it seems that the cell has ended, it continues a bit more.

Follow the instructions, and you will surely have a new stunning painting on your wall soon.

What’s included in a paint by numbers kit?

A Paint by Numbers kit has all the essential tools to start your new artistic project. In the kit, you will find a set of different paintbrushes to help you get even the smallest cells.

The paint pots with the numbers indicated on top are reusable. Ensure you hear the click when you close your pots so that they won’t dry, and you can use them later or for a different painting project. The painting kit comes, of course, with your canvas rolled and a paper version, just in case you were to make a mistake or if you’re unable to read the numbers on the canvas.

Furthermore, your adults' paint kit will come enveloped into a beautiful and resistant tube to ensure that all components arrive in good condition and that the canvas comes wrinkles-free.

What's in the paint by numbers kits

How long does paint by numbers take?

Three main factors affect the time to finish a paint by numbers canvas. One is the canvas’ difficulty level. You can find collections that are best for beginners. They are less detailed and, therefore, require less time. Some templates are more intricate and require more time and attention.

Another factor is your experience level. How fast do you paint? How much attention do you put to each detail of the painting? How steady are your hands? Although you can tryto do it all in one sitting, we recommend not to.

That takes away the whole point of the painting by numbers: to relax, clear your mind, and escape your everyday stress. We recommend spending at least 45 minutes daily on the kit until you complete the painting.

How to choose my first paint by numbers?

Choosing your first paint by numbers art kit can seem mind-boggling. There’s so much to choose from! If you’re new to painting, in general, try these 50 easy things to paint for beginners so you can dip your toes on the craft. Learn the basics of painting first, like how to hold a brush and use acrylic paint.

When choosing which canvas you want for your first painting, ensure that it’s something you like… something you’ll look forward to working on every day. Are you an outdoorsy person who loves the mountains or the beach? Maybe choose a landscape painting by numbers. Are you more of an indoor person who loves to hang out with your cat and dog? Check out the animal paint kits selection

If you’re a more advanced artist, you might want to start your paint by numbers journey with the more advanced canvas by numbers selection.

Do you paint light or dark colors first?

Painting from dark to light is a common strategy or approach most painters use for their painting projects. You usually start with the darkest colors, the mid-tones, and the lighter colors for highlighting. This way, it’s easier to see how your painting develops. This helps give depth to the painting too. You start with the lowlights or shadows and work on the highlights. 

Although this is a great strategy, this does not matter much for paint-by-numbers art kits. With the kits, there’s no need to mix colors or think about color values and light so much. You will learn those as you work on your painting, but you can start in whatever way you like with painting by numbers. It’s completely up to you. What’s important is you paint the right color on the right numbered areas and that they don’t smudge over other areas. 

Do paint by numbers look good?

The short answer is: ABSOLUTELY!

There are amazing photo reviews from people worldwide to testament this. They love their art kits. Winnie’s Picks canvasses do not just make great artwork. They are made of high-quality materials, too. Whether it’s a general paint by number that you want or a custom one, they are all beautiful and, best of all, therapeutic. Paint by numbers kits are such great stress relievers.

Our custom paints by numbers are getting rave reviews, too. They are a brilliant way of immortalizing memories and creating keepsakes of your loved ones. Whether you’re a beginner at painting or not, it’s an easy craft and guaranteed to look good. Check out the reviews, and you’ll know.

Is paint by numbers free?

Art kits are usually not for free. However, if you want to try painting by numbers, you can download a collection of free paint by numbers printables and choose which one you want to like best. Just download them on your computer and print them at home.

Each chart measures 16 by 20 inches. Please remember that these downloadable templates are for personal, non-commercial use. 

Since it’s just a template, you must get your paintings and other art materials. Look at it as an opportunity to choose the colors and experiment with color gradients and values.

Is Gesso useful when starting paint by numbers?

Gesso is used to “prime” or prepare your canvas so it’s ready to accept the paint. That way, the canvas does not absorb the paint and does not lose its glossy finish. It is advisable to use gesso, but it is not at all necessary. You can paint on raw canvas if you prefer. It all depends on how you want your painting to look. There will be a tiny difference but nothing consequential.

You do not need gesso for our paint by numbers art kits; you only need it for unprimed canvas surfaces. Our wrinkle-free canvas is already pre-primed, so you can easily paint it without worrying about gesso.

Do you paint the background first?

There are plenty of ways to start painting your paint by numbers art kit. From top to bottom, left to right side, from the first number on, darker to lighter colors, background first, then the details, etc. There is no wrong way to do it. You must play with the process and see which works best for you. Whatever you are most comfortable with, please do it.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to paint the canvas. The only rule is to paint the right color on the right numbered area without going over too much on the other areas. Even that is forgivable and easily solved. Just let the smudged area dry and paint over it. 

How to make your paint by numbers look better?

So you have finished your project, and you’re wondering how to make it look even better? You can decide how you’d like to frame it. That’s your personal touch to make your painting stand out. From wooden stretchers to big frames, you decide. 

To improve your masterpiece’s look, we strongly advise you to visit our painting tutorials. You’ll learn new painting techniques, how to use our art supplies like a pro, and how to master the art of acrylic painting!

What adults paint by numbers will teach you

Adults Paint by numbers will help you to let go of things and relax your mind. It will teach you to be patient and to trust yourself, as it will all turn out perfect and unique because it was made by you.

Paint by numbers initiates you to paint step by step, teaching you how to manipulate paintbrushes and paint, what quantity to use, and how to mix all the colors.

First, breathe, relax, and lose yourself in your painting project. If you don’t paint within the line perfectly, no one will ever know, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and feel free to let that artist/painter within you take over. Just enjoy the process and let your thoughts disappear while you focus on your new ‘me-time’ activity.

  1. Patience is definitely a virtue
  2. Sometimes it's all about the last color that will make your painting 'pop' and shine
  3. There are never too many subjects out there
  4. Leftover paint pots can be handy for future projects
  5. There are two time zones: normal and PBN time - PBN time runs much faster than you think!
  6. There is a huge support network, and you'll get to know which companies to avoid/go for/find sales with/who is closing down. Join our Facebook Community to share the love!
  7. PBNs are a great stress buster - unless it's a cheap knock-off that you have in your stash
  8. You shouldn't be afraid to experiment with colors and don’t hesitate to mix colors