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Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers

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$42.95 USD

Bring your favorite photo back to life with a custom paint by numbers. You might want to paint a family picture, a loved one, or your own pet. Whatever you prefer, it is a unique and personal way to preserve your memories.

A personalized painting by numbers will also make an amazing gift. Just imagine receiving a hand-painted artwork from someone you love!

  • Up_to_36_colors

    Up to 48 colors for the best result

  • Photo_quality_control

    Control of each picture by a designer

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Read Me - Photo Guidelines

  • The final painting will depend on the picture you send so choose it carefully!
  • High-quality closeups with good lighting & contrast work best
  • The simpler the background the better
  • Avoid blurry pictures, bad lighting, strong shadows & backlightings
  • Make sure you crop your image to fit the canvas
  • Use portraits of maximum 4-5 people to clearly see the faces

Frequently asked questions

What's in the art kit?

For the curious, here's the exact list:

A high-quality canvas rolled in a strong tube - Certified wrinkle-free.
An acrylic paint set - No mixing required & more than enough paint to complete the painting.
The 24 colors version can range from 20 to 24 paint pots and the 36 colors version from 32 to 36 paint pots.
A set of 4 brushes - You can start painting straight from the box.
An A3 paper chart - In case you painted the wrong color in a specific numbered area.
The complete painting instructions - Perfect for beginners as well as for DIY fans.

How long does shipping take?

Please allow on average 3-5 weeks to make and deliver our tailor-made custom templates.

It's definitely worth the wait though, just read the reviews below!

We offer free US shipping on all orders.

Free worldwide shipping on orders of USD $50+ (a flat USD $9.95 fee is asked for orders under USD $50).

Custom paint by numbers are made at our factory and are shipped from overseas. We're working hard to deliver personalized packages faster to your door and will soon offer an expedited shipping option.

What’s the difference between 24, 36 and 48 colors?

Broadly speaking, the more colors you select, the best resemblance your custom paint by numbers will have with your original picture.

With the help of specific softwares, our designers will scan your image and select a color palette to create your custom canvas. The more colors they can choose, the more details and pigments they will be able to add on your custom pattern.

Need help choosing your picture?

Josephine, Christina, Norelsa, Yathin or Gaétan - well, all the team will gladly guide you if you have any questions regarding your made to order paint kit or if you need assistance choosing your pictures.

Feel free to send us a message ( and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 364 reviews
M.S. (Valencia, ES)
Always satisfied

I’ve ordered several customs for myself and as gifts. I live in Spain and the delivery time is always very fast. The canvas, color separation, paints, and brushes are always great.

This one is a custom 36 colours I sent to be copied. It was originally a masterpiece done by Swiss artist Albert Anker.

H.S. (Forest Grove, US)
Nugget and Olive for Mother’s Day 2022!

I ordered this custom kit of my mom’s dogs from last fall (Nugget and Olive) for my mom for Mother’s Day! Since she has arthritis in her hands, and couldn’t paint herself, I surprised her with it! She absolutely loved it. Thank you for the wonderful template and beautiful colors!

Emily Gagnon (Portsmouth, US)
New England Autumn

I painted this for my Mom and her partner! It is their New Hampshire property, with their dog, and the model T he restored! 💕

Ellen M. (Madison, US)
My parents cottage

With each hour that I spent working on this painting I was having wonderful memories of my family spending time in my parents cottage in Germany. It was a nostalgic creative journey back in time.

N.S. (Perth, AU)
Me and my babes

Recently finished this paint by numbers. I am so happy with the result, I find this so therapeutic and relaxing, I feel sad when I have finished a piece and don’t have another to begin! So I quickly order before the sadness sets in 😂
Thank you Winnie’s Picks for aiding me in enjoying my free time once the kids have gone to bed ❤️

George Smith (Tucson, US)
RIP Kodi

My best friend Kodi past away last fall and I wanted a way to remember him. Since I had painted other pictures from Winnies Paintings it seemed obvious I needed to send a picture of Kodi to you and purchase the paint by numbers of Kodi. I really didn't think you needed me in it so I just took his picture. I'm having it framed and he'll now be with me forever. RIP Kodi my buddy.

Dawn Carroll (Ocala, US)
Grandkids and double rainbow!

This is the third painting I’ve done with Winnie Picks and I’m currently working on my fourth one!

E.M. (Derry, US)
New England fall Foliage

This is my custom painting I did for my Mom and her partner. This is their property in the beautiful New England autumn, with the Model T her partner restored and their dog Tucker!
Emily Gagnon

Beau (Saffron Walden, GB)
Beau R.I.P

I recently lost my gorgeous Springer called Beau and miss him sooo much. When I was on a pet forum someone posted her painting she had done and it was so realistic I decided I wanted a lovely keep sake too, so chose this photo with the Spaniel Eyes, I loved painting him. The kits are so realistic to the likeness. Thank you Winnie for bringing my boy to life for me

#23687 Kent (Longview, US)
A boy and his dog

My son got his first job since graduating college, and now he has his first apartment. It’s so exciting. But, the walls are bare, and he’s 2,000 miles away from our dog Maisy. So I painted him this housewarming present to bring his family and dog a bit closer. There’s nothing like painting the people and pets you love!