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Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers

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$42.95 USD

Bring your favorite photo back to life with a custom paint by numbers. You might want to paint a family picture, a loved one, or your own pet. Whatever you prefer, it is a unique and personal way to preserve your memories.

A personalized painting by numbers will also make an amazing gift. Just imagine receiving a hand-painted artwork from someone you love!

  • Up_to_36_colors

    Up to 48 colors for the best result

  • Photo_quality_control

    Control of each picture by a designer

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Read Me - Photo Guidelines

  • The final painting will depend on the picture you send so choose it carefully!
  • High-quality closeups with good lighting & contrast work best
  • The simpler the background the better
  • Avoid blurry pictures, bad lighting, strong shadows & backlightings
  • Make sure you crop your image to fit the canvas
  • Use portraits of maximum 4-5 people to clearly see the faces

Frequently asked questions

What's in the art kit?

For the curious, here's the exact list:

A high-quality canvas rolled in a strong tube - Certified wrinkle-free.
An acrylic paint set - No mixing required & more than enough paint to complete the painting.
The 24 colors version can range from 20 to 24 paint pots and the 36 colors version from 32 to 36 paint pots.
A set of 4 brushes - You can start painting straight from the box.
An A3 paper chart - In case you painted the wrong color in a specific numbered area.
The complete painting instructions - Perfect for beginners as well as for DIY fans.

How long does shipping take?

Please allow on average 3-5 weeks to make and deliver our tailor-made custom templates.

It's definitely worth the wait though, just read the reviews below!

We offer free US shipping on all orders.

Free worldwide shipping on orders of USD $50+ (a flat USD $9.95 fee is asked for orders under USD $50).

Custom paint by numbers are made at our factory and are shipped from overseas. We're working hard to deliver personalized packages faster to your door and will soon offer an expedited shipping option.

What’s the difference between 24, 36 and 48 colors?

Broadly speaking, the more colors you select, the best resemblance your custom paint by numbers will have with your original picture.

With the help of specific softwares, our designers will scan your image and select a color palette to create your custom canvas. The more colors they can choose, the more details and pigments they will be able to add on your custom pattern.

Need help choosing your picture?

Josephine, Christina, Norelsa, Yathin or Gaétan - well, all the team will gladly guide you if you have any questions regarding your made to order paint kit or if you need assistance choosing your pictures.

Feel free to send us a message ( and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 388 reviews
Luz Hancock (Oak Harbor, US)
Mía familia

A couple of months ago I had an I jury on my knee and my life changed drastically. I was very sad to be sitting just waiting for my recovery. One day a family member brought me a paint by number of Winnie’s Picks! This was a game changer for me. I felt so happy during my process of painting, that nights and days started to have color and happiness with Winnie’s Picks…

Tim Warris (Port Dover, CA)

Painting of our little dog Pumpkin, framed and ready to hang!

F.T. (Holland, US)
Spring Grove Park Custom Painting

Spring Grove Park in Ottawa County Michigan is where I am a Parks & Recreation volunteer gardener spring, summer and fall. I maintain native flower beds in the 16-acre park eliminating unwanted invasive species and grasses. This painting is of one of my favorite areas in the park. I took the photo in the late fall to capture all the brilliant fall colors. I love that Winnies can make paint by number kits from actual photos. I'm truly hooked on this way of painting.
Frank Tuma
Zeeland, Michigan

Kelsey Shindelar (Bettendorf, US)

My boyfriend’s family dog passed away several years ago and not a day goes by still that someone in the family does not mention him. He was truly a part of the family and is very missed by everyone. This painting was from a day that they took Cooper to the park and let him play in the snow and run around and he provided everyone with laughter at his silliness in the snow. He passed away shorty after this day and I know it is a memory they all cherish deeply. The photo of the man holding the framed picture is my boyfriend’s father and right after that picture was captured, he began crying and could not stop picking the picture up and looking at it.

L.M. (Mill Valley, US)
Christmas Gift For My Mom

This is a painting of my grandmother, my moms mom, who died of cancer when she was very young, holding a baby me. I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my mom, who prefers quality over quantity, never wanting more physical things, so I decided to make one of her memories real. She absolutely loved it, and some tears were shed! Winnie’s Picks is such a great way to show love throughout the Christmas season and the rest of the year!

C. (Tacoma, US)
Beagle Boo Boo

My love for nearly twelve years with my Beagle Boo Boo has been set in paint on canvas thanks to Winnie's Picks who created this wonderful paint-by-number image for me to immortalize my sweet boy. Every moment I spent on this painting was a labor of love. Thank you to Winnie's Picks for creating this tribute piece. I still have another of Boo Boo that you created which I will start painting after the holidays. So many of my friends marvel at the incredible likeness. I'm sure you will enjoy their business soon as well.

Charlotte (Amherst, US)
My baby boy

My husband got this paint by number for me of our little boy in his crib. I’ve really enjoyed painting it and love the finished product! It has so much detail and looks just like him! I cannot wait to paint the one for our newborn daughter!

E.F. (Columbia, US)
Three of my Grands. Custom from photo

Did you guys do a great job, or what?

Doc Holladay (Du Quoin, US)
Doc's Lighthouse

Never thought I would start paint by numbers at 91 years of age. It was challenging but very rewarding. The package included everything I needed and the instructions were very clear. Can't wait to try another one.

K.R. (Victoria, CA)
Relaxed in Paradise!

About a year and a half ago, my daughter gifted me a beautiful custom Paint-by-numbers of my family. It didn’t take long before I was thoroughly hooked. Despite several medical disabilities and currently being on medical leave this is one hobby I can enjoy every day! Since she got me started I have now completed 5 pictures. It has been wonderful to spend several months working on a beautiful picture of my parents and then presenting it to them as an anniversary present. I just completed one of my beautiful young nephews as a gift to my sister. I can’t wait to bring it across the country to her next week!
Winnie’s Picks has been super reliable! The custom paintings always turn out well. Paint quality is very good and enough paint is provided to complete each painting. I look forward to continuing to order my paintings (and encouraging family members to continue buy me these birthdays and Christmas:). This is one hobby that will last me a lifetime!