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Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers

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$42.95 USD

Bring your favorite photo back to life with a custom paint by numbers. You might want to paint a family picture, a loved one, or your own pet. Whatever you prefer, it is a unique and personal way to preserve your memories.

A personalized painting by numbers will also make an amazing gift. Just imagine receiving a hand-painted artwork from someone you love!

  • Up_to_36_colors

    Up to 48 colors for the best result

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    Control of each picture by a designer

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Read Me - Photo Guidelines

  • The final painting will depend on the picture you send so choose it carefully!
  • High-quality closeups with good lighting & contrast work best
  • The simpler the background the better
  • Avoid blurry pictures, bad lighting, strong shadows & backlightings
  • Make sure you crop your image to fit the canvas
  • Use portraits of maximum 4-5 people to clearly see the faces

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the art kit?

For the curious, here's the exact list:

- A high-quality canvas rolled in a strong tube - Certified wrinkle-free.
- An acrylic paint set - No mixing required & more than enough paint to complete the painting.
- The 24 colors version can range from 20 to 24 paint pots and the 36 colors version from 32 to 36 paint pots.
- A set of 4 brushes - You can start painting straight from the box.
- A reference sheet - In case you painted the wrong color in a specific numbered area.
- The complete painting instructions - Perfect for beginners as well as for DIY fans.

How long does shipping take?

Please allow on average 3-5 weeks to make and deliver our tailor-made custom templates.

It's definitely worth the wait though, just read the reviews below!

We offer free US shipping on all orders.

Free worldwide shipping on orders of USD $50+ (a flat USD $9.95 fee is asked for orders under USD $50).

Custom paint by numbers are made at our factory and are shipped from overseas. We're working hard to deliver personalized packages faster to your door and will soon offer an expedited shipping option.

What’s the difference between 24, 36 and 48 colors?

Broadly speaking, the more colors you select, the best resemblance your custom paint by numbers will have with your original picture.

With the help of specific softwares, our designers will scan your image and select a color palette to create your custom canvas. The more colors they can choose, the more details and pigments they will be able to add on your custom pattern.

Need help choosing your picture?

Christina, Norelsa or Gaétan - well, all the team will gladly guide you if you have any questions regarding your made to order paint kit or if you need assistance choosing your pictures.

Feel free to send us a message ( and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 415 reviews
O.B. (Lexington, US)
In Loving Memory of Gus

This is my homage to the one and only Gus. He ran out in front of my car in 2021 and was covered in fleas, emaciated, the worst double ear infection my vet had ever seen, completely deaf because of it, almost all his teeth were rotten and had to be pulled, was partially blind and estimated to be around 15 years old. I nursed him back to health and had 2 wonderful years with this silly, goofy, carb loving pup before he crossed over the rainbow bridge. I miss his goofy grin with his tongue hanging out every day…but now I can look at him all the time and remember all the good times we had!

elaine jacobson (Marion, US)
Papa Jake

My husband an I were into boating. Unfortunately he passed away in 2014. After buying this new boat my son and I were trying to think of a name. We asked my Granddaughter what we should name it. She didn't even have to think about it. She just blurted out "Papa Jake" because thats what she call him . So the Papa Jake it was.

Kimberly Gilworth (Wichita, US)
Wedding Bliss

I wanted to give my niece and her wife a special gift to commemorate their happy occasion. I was initially surprised and a little dismayed by the colors selected, as they did not seem to match the photo. But once completed, everything blended well, with pleasing results. I can't wait to order my next one.

Cathy Cross (Overgaard, US)
A birthday surprise

The painting I did for my sister was to celebrate her 75th birthday. The photo I used was from 1958 at Christmas - the year our mother received the piano as her gift. My sister and all her friends loved the painting and were so surprised this could be done as a paint-by-number project.

The Winnie's kit was superior to others I have ordered from different companies - this is my third such project. The canvas was good quality and all of the materials and packaging were great. All of the companies I researched before ordering have the materials prepared in China but the Winnie's kit came much faster than others I have ordered.

Brenda McCay (Bella Vista, US)

Great likeness! Arrived so fast!

E.K. (Chicago, US)
A Little Ballerina

My friend's daughter, Jenna, was taking dance classes. She sent me a picture of her daughter and I decided to submit it to Winnie's Picks and obtain a canvas. I received the canvas very timely. The professionals at this organization never disappoint and they are always available to answer questions. Fortunately for me, Jenna was a great subject and made my job easy. Jenna's mom sent me this picture of her admiring her painting. She was thrilled! She may be a new customer for you in the future as she has also started painting with watercolors!

K.R. (Victoria, CA)
Vacation Memories!

Painting has become a daily hobby that I hope will last for the remainder of my life (only wish I had found it sooner)! I love painting favourite pictures for people to remember vacations, pets, best friends and loved ones. Not only have I been able to present gifts to 8 different friends and family members, but my husband and I have also taught ourselves to make floating frames to gift them in. Now we have an additional hobby! We currently have 3 frames in various stages. One will soon be ready so that I can present this picture to my son and his lovely partner! Thank you, Winnie’s for helping me make so many great gifts!

M.S. (Zebulon, US)
Cooper Dan

This is our miniature dachshund Cooper Dan. I love this picture of him because he looks so proud to be tall on the table. I really enjoyed painting this and have already ordered another one of our other dog Minnie. It was somewhat difficult to cover the numbers with the very light colors. But I still enjoyed it and love the depth the different colors created.

Janet Andrews (Grand Rapids, US)
West Front, Mount Vernon

Our family visited Mount Vernon this summer, and I picked up this paint by number there. It was really nice to do, with plenty of paint, and four different brushes to choose from. Really pleased with how it turned out.

L.P. (Bullhead City, US)

I absolutely love my paint by line number painting!!
People think I am the best painter around! I have ordered my next painting, “Yellowstone”!!