About Us

At Winnie's Picks, we believe painting has magical powers. This is why we have created a whole collection of dreamy Paints By Numbers available all year long for you to enjoy.

Who on earth is Winnie?

Winnie is the main character in our magical world. She is the kid in all of us. You probably remember all these paints by numbers you used to do when you were little. Well, Winnie is the kid who has grown up and who still loves paint by numbers.

Our charming story

In September 2017, after a beautiful summer of afternoon paintings, Winnie’s Picks was born. After spending so many days painting without finding the right Paint By Numbers, Gaétan decided to create his own atelier where magic would happen.

A safer and more enjoyable place online where paint lovers, crafters, and all the other artists could pick their favorite paint by numbers among a huge collection of designs or create their very own paint by numbers by uploading a picture online.

What makes us different?

We believe our customer service is what makes us different. Where other Paint By Numbers companies were lacking of any sort of support, Winnie’s Picks was listening.

But that's just a small part of it!

Collaborating with artists to create amazing artworks.

Premium paint kits rolled in a beautiful tube

Premium paint kits rolled in a beautiful & strong tube


All regular kits are shipped from San Bernardino, California.

Ecologi Tree Planting

A tree is planted with each order.