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Eucalyptus Mist

I took this photo in the early morning as the fog was rolling through the eucalyptus trees. I wanted to capture the feeling in a painting and couldn't be happier with the quality of this custom painting. Thank you for capturing the feeling.

Bathing Beauties
k.f. (Sun City, US)
Bathing Beauties

I love sunflowers and this piece sang to me. I can't wait to start another one.

Starry Nights!

This painting took so much effort and the final product reflects that! We went to visit a Van Gogh exhibition and bought this there, so now we have a beautiful piece to remind us of a fun day! Just the methodical nature of paint by numbers forced me to slow down and relax, which was perfect after busy days. I'm not much of an artist myself but I feel I learned a bit about paint composition and have a better understanding of the process.

Fromagerie de Paris
Sylvia Roberts (Moreno Valley, US)
The Fromagerie Will Brighten Your Day

I loved everything about this painting, from the bright and varied colors, to all the little details like the cheeses in the window, the varied street signs, the hotel and bar next door, the walkway past the shop and wondering where it goes. It made me want to visit here and relax. As you paint, the depth of the scene starts to appear, and the colors make it fun. There is a lot of detail, so be prepared to take your time, and it will brighten your day every time you work on it.

Pepper Tree Lane Two
S.R. (Moreno Valley, US)
Your Patience Will Be Rewarded

This is one of the most difficult paintings I've done, definitely advanced. But, it is doable and definitely rewarding you for your patience and holding your interest all the way through. It has so much going on that you don't realize at first glance. As you work, you discover all the great little nuances that Robin Wethe Altman has included for us. All the different details with people and shops start to appear, along with the walkway that goes through to another street.

A Woman of Independent Means
S.R. (Moreno Valley, US)
Enjoying Bright Colors And Sunny Days With A Woman Of Independent Means

Sometimes for me with paint by numbers, the colors become one of the most enjoyable things about the subject. This painting seemed to brighten my every day while working on it. The bright blues and yellows always made me feel warm and cheery, and the leaves casting their shadow were relaxing. Along with that, as the painting unfolds, it prompts the questions in your mind, "who is this woman?" and "how does she express her independence?". Although it is an advanced painting, it is on the lower part of the spectrum, and once you start, it will seem to go fast.

Four birds on a birch tree branch.

This was to be a gift for my wife of 65 years. She passed away before I completed the painting. She did enjoy observing my progress throughout the project. The four birds now overlook the kitchen table. I am very pleased with the result even though it took longer than anticipated.

Magic Of Provence
S.C. (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Really enjoyed painting this!

Painted this some time ago, I love how it turned out. The colours are lovely, with much details, take a look at the end result!

Early Return
Frank Tuma (Holland, US)
Early Return and The Cache Valley Barn

I loved both of these paintings that I completed. One hangs in my bedroom the other at the Zeeland Historical Museum Barn. Thank you for sending me the extra paints to finish the Early Return.

My Gorgeous Girl!

I've done a few paint by numbers, mostly animals, and I absolutely love doing them. This is my second custom painting, this time of my gorgeous girl. I enjoyed every second of painting her intently watching TV. Winnie's Picks gives an excellent quality product and a timely service, where the canvas arrives all ready to inspire. It's my relaxing, magical time and I can't wait to start on my next one.

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
L.L. (Chaguanas, TT)
Pets- custom made kit

I love my winniespicks custommadekit. It took a long time to complete (16th January 2022 to 30th May 2022)...4 months and about 14 days, but i am satisfied with the outcome. In between my working hours and my personal life this was a way for me to relax and de-stress.

Sea Turtle
Lee D (Concord, US)
Sea Turtle

This painting was a lot of work, but definitely worth it. I think it turned out great! While working on the painting I realized that I would be short on paint for a few colors because the paint pods were only about 1/3 full. Customer service was wonderful and sent me another set of paint so I could complete the canvas. My only complaint is that the canvas was too short to wrap around my stretcher bars to staple on the back. So, I stapled on the sides and will have to get a frame. The process of painting was fun and relaxing and we ended up with an amazing piece of art to keep!

Sea Turtle
K.T. (Dayton, US)
Hudson’s sea turtle

I painted this for my, soon to arrive, grandson’s room. I love that he’ll have this forever!

Always satisfied

I’ve ordered several customs for myself and as gifts. I live in Spain and the delivery time is always very fast. The canvas, color separation, paints, and brushes are always great.

This one is a custom 36 colours I sent to be copied. It was originally a masterpiece done by Swiss artist Albert Anker.

Winnie's book shop
K.G. (Dublin, IE)
Winnie's Book Store

Part of the reason I selected this one is because the dog looks very much like my late dog Freckles. She was part of the family for 15 years and the completed painting is a good way to remember her.

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
H.S. (Forest Grove, US)
Nugget and Olive for Mother’s Day 2022!

I ordered this custom kit of my mom’s dogs from last fall (Nugget and Olive) for my mom for Mother’s Day! Since she has arthritis in her hands, and couldn’t paint herself, I surprised her with it! She absolutely loved it. Thank you for the wonderful template and beautiful colors!

Summer Nites
A.N. (Dickinson, US)
Summer Nights

I just finished painting "Summer Nights". It only took me 8 days. Enjoyed it very much and am very pleased with how it looks.
This painting brings back fond memories of driving my '57 Chevy to the drive-in movie.

Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh
Barbara Lamanna (Shelby, US)
This is a srar

This is my second from Winnie’s Picks. Canvas was great and paints were creamy. It was a joy to paint.

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
Emily Gagnon (Portsmouth, US)
New England Autumn

I painted this for my Mom and her partner! It is their New Hampshire property, with their dog, and the model T he restored! 💕

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
Ellen M. (Madison, US)
My parents cottage

With each hour that I spent working on this painting I was having wonderful memories of my family spending time in my parents cottage in Germany. It was a nostalgic creative journey back in time.

Me and my babes

Recently finished this paint by numbers. I am so happy with the result, I find this so therapeutic and relaxing, I feel sad when I have finished a piece and don’t have another to begin! So I quickly order before the sadness sets in 😂
Thank you Winnie’s Picks for aiding me in enjoying my free time once the kids have gone to bed ❤️

Beautiful Red Poppies
Candice Gale Slobodian (Sherwood Park, CA)
Poppies with a WOW!

Got this paint by number for my birthday. I can’t believe how it’s turned out (neither can my neighbour!). Such rich colours, a very striking painting which rivals any gallery painting (well I think so). Would absolutely do another one!

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
George Smith (Tucson, US)
RIP Kodi

My best friend Kodi past away last fall and I wanted a way to remember him. Since I had painted other pictures from Winnies Paintings it seemed obvious I needed to send a picture of Kodi to you and purchase the paint by numbers of Kodi. I really didn't think you needed me in it so I just took his picture. I'm having it framed and he'll now be with me forever. RIP Kodi my buddy.

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
Dawn Carroll (Ocala, US)
Grandkids and double rainbow!

This is the third painting I’ve done with Winnie Picks and I’m currently working on my fourth one!

New England fall Foliage

This is my custom painting I did for my Mom and her partner. This is their property in the beautiful New England autumn, with the Model T her partner restored and their dog Tucker!
Emily Gagnon