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Cozy Reading
C.C. (Castelló de la Plana, ES)

I really enjoyed it! The quality is great and so is the design 🥰. The finished piece looks amazing. I felt like when you’re reading a book you love and don’t want it to end, but on the other hand you’re looking forward to the end.

Tribute to Boo Boo THE GREAT

My sweet twelve year old has lots of down time now that he's gotten to be a certain age and in a doctor's care. We get to spend many hours side by side as I paint the custom paint-by-number made by Winnie's Picks. He's happy being with me and I have a wonderful rendition of him to cherish always. Thank you, Winnie's Picks.

Evening at Cape Hatteras
Rachel M. (Hendersonville, US)
Evening at cape Hatteras

I received this paint by number canvas for Christmas. Once completed I liked it so much that we chose a frame so I can display it in my room. Thank you for such expressive regional crafts that inspire young and mature artists alike.

Waiting For You
C.C. (Laurelton, US)
Love the sea

I just loved working on this picture. I live at the Jersey shore and this picture just reminds me of a summer day every time I worked on it. I found it calming and relaxing just to sit there and paint. I really love how it turned out.

Country Lane
L.B. (Flagstaff, US)
42 Hours of fun!

This painting project took approximately 42 hours (over 10 months) to complete. Great for the detail-oriented person. On a technical note- the printed numbers showed through the yellow paint. So I first painted over those particular numbers with white and then yellow paint for the best effect. Turned out great!

Chill Sunday in the garden
J. (Kansas City, US)
Fun colors, See Through Paint

I really like the design and colors. There is enough paint to get everything well coated. My biggest complaint is that everything needs more than one coat to cover up the numbers. The orange is so see through that 3 coats shown here is still showing through very prominently. I enjoy painting, but I don't love re-painting the same spot many times over. The yellow was so see through that I had to paint the number white and then paint yellow over the top and that doesn't look great either.

Overall: I just wish they gave more pigmented paint.

Reflections on the Gold Coast
C.C. (Laurelton, US)
Love doing the paint by numbers

I enjoyed every minute of painting this picture. I never thought at my age I would do a paint by number, but my nephew gifted me this picture to do. At times it was tense because I couldn’t see the numbers but I persevered and I just love the outcome. In fact, I’ve ordered one for myself. Keep up the good work in producing these kids for all of us folks out here.

Gardening Afternoon
Sharon Dermann (Omaha, US)
Gardening Afternoon

The last time I enjoyed Paint By Number, I was just a little girl. Horses were always the subject. I am now retired and was fortunate to have horses for over 50 years. So, the little horse peaking out of the barn told me this should be my first adult PBN. I learned so much from this one and I am so glad I ordered from Winnie's Picks. The paint pots, brushes, canvas, and instructions were excellent. I also learned that straight lines, like the ones on the barn, are difficult! This hobby is relaxing and rewarding 😌 I will get this one framed and then start another!

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
Jean Hamilton (Toronto, CA)
Vatican Wedding

This is a picture of our beautiful 83 year old Mum and her amazing Winnie water colour creation. She gave us this wonderful gift to commemorate our wedding in Rome. This is by far, more special than any portrait we could have asked for because it is by her creative hand. What makes it even better is how much she enjoyed creating it, she absolutely loved it.

Custom Pop Art Paint by Numbers
B.S. (Pittsburgh, US)

This is my eight-month old baby granddaughter Simone. The Winnie’s Picks pop art painting captures her bright personality and spirit in an amazing way. Nothing else matters but this beautiful moment filled with peace and love. While painting her facial features, eyes, nose, mouth I felt a deep connection with her. Her parents absolutely love the painting that hangs in her room. I have two more I’m working on. I can’t wait to gift them or maybe keep one. There are no words to express the joy my family has felt from this painting.

Cache Valley Barn
bridget eckley
Winter in Montana

The painting of this nostalgic weathered cabin was a delightful indoor activity to do on some cold days this year in Montana. My daughter loved it! And I enjoyed being by her side while she painted! Thank you!!

Abstract and Modern Colorful Cat
A.T. (West Palm Beach, US)
Cats and birds

During the pandemic I was bored and needed something to do. Luckily I found Winnie's Picks. My first attempt was not fabulous and I wound up giving it away. I then regretted that decision so I ordered the same kit and the painting came out beautiful. Then I started asking for paintings for Christmas and got the birds. Now I am hooked and doing the hardest one yet!! At age 78 I have become an "artist!"

Hidden Harmony
Roxanne (Carol Stream, US)

It was a gift from my kids.. first one ever not sure why they got me expert.. was stressful at times because I really often doubted I could finish it but I did!! A gift for my brother and sister in law for their cottage

The Awakening of Mount Fuji
Christine Failing (Plainfield, US)
Mount Fuji

Enjoyed painting

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
Sylvia Roberts (Murrieta, US)
Great Fun With Olowalu General Store

Anyone driving the road on Maui into Lahaina has to pass the eclectic Olowalu General Store. It made for a great subject for paint by numbers, with all the colors, figures and details. It was fun and entertaining to paint, letting me reminisce of our journeys to Maui. Winnies reproduced the photo perfectly and made it a joy to paint. I have another custom PBN on the way.

Morning Coffee at the Beach House
Sylvia Roberts (Murrieta, US)
Dreaming Of A Morning At The Beach House

This painting reminds me of the mornings I've enjoyed while at the beach. Just so relaxing, and calming as if time is standing still for just a few minutes. Painting this evokes the same feelings with its relaxed hues of blues, yellows and whites. The details of the waves on the ocean, sailboats at sea, dog laying on slippers and the house out on the point add to the relaxation and enjoyment of this painting. It's easy enough for a beginner to try, but detailed enough for advanced painters to enjoy.

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
L.A.S. (Roswell, US)
Salty Dog

My daughter took this picture of her beloved dog Miller on the beach on Hilton Head Island SC. I painted it for her and surprised her for her 29th birthday. She loves it and it hangs above her desk so she can look at it everyday! Now I am painting another picture of my oldest daughters dog Gordy! I can't wait to give it to her.

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
K.R. (Santo Domingo Este, DO)
My girl and her horse!

All of my recent paintings have been gifted to various family members. I can't wait to present this one to my daughter when she visits this weekend. She has been a passionate horse rider since her early teens. I took this picture after spending an afternoon with her and her beloved horse, Shangri-La (Sally). Unfortunately, Sally is no longer with us so I hope she will enjoy this picture as a reminder of the amazing bond they had.
This is painting number 8 for me. In just a few short years I have become truly hooked and paint virtually every day. Limited in activities, for medical reasons, this is one activity I can almost consistently participate in. It has become the 'go to' for family members looking for a gift idea for me (works for both of us!!)
Winnie's has been consistently reliable in creating an excellent product and shipping it to me efficiently in Canada.
Do you know that every time we make a purchase a tree is planted in Madagascar? I love that! Keep up the great work Winnie's and Ecolgi!!

Love at Last

This painting is so special to us that we received to complete. It was such a fun project to take part in right before our wedding that took place 3/4/23. We loved getting to see the process of the colors making the memory come more to life!

A Woman of Independent Means
Irene (Managua, NI)
French bike

I love this pallet of colors original of Robin Altman, enjoyed painting this art work, took me one month but love the result, can’t wait to paint another paint of this type artwork, was my first time and I love the results, hope you too guys.

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
M.L. (Parsippany, US)
My first paint by numbers

My first paint by numbers with my childhood dog, and it looks just like her. Ordered the 36 color palette set and it came with everything I needed, quality paints, brushes, a paint cup. Already working on my second custom paint by numbers. Thank you Winnie's Picks!

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
T.C. (Milwaukee, US)
Skywalker in thought

I wanted to do something for a friend, who also loves our dog, Skywalker. So... I sent a photo and got the custom paint by numbers. It was super fun, super hard work, and took a while, but it came out fairly good. The only reason I did not give five stars was because there were a number of spaces with no discernable numbers, so I had to guess. Otherwise, the paints were sufficient, the brushes were okay (I used some of my own also) and I would order from them again. It was a great project!

Cat & Dog
L.S. (Minneapolis, US)
Rainbow cat

So fun!

Cat & Dog
L.S. (Minneapolis, US)
Rainbow Cat

Simple and relaxing to paint!

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
Mike Daggitt (Ashburn, US)

Decided to show the progress from Day one to completion. It was fun and frustrating. I was so close to the picture, that I couldn't see the details come out until I stepped back and looked at it. Have ordered another to do of our new boxer Oliver