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Luz Hancock (Oak Harbor, US)
Mía familia

A couple of months ago I had an I jury on my knee and my life changed drastically. I was very sad to be sitting just waiting for my recovery. One day a family member brought me a paint by number of Winnie’s Picks! This was a game changer for me. I felt so happy during my process of painting, that nights and days started to have color and happiness with Winnie’s Picks…

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
Tim Warris (Port Dover, CA)

Painting of our little dog Pumpkin, framed and ready to hang!

Hull Street in Chippewa Square Savannah
Kendra Nafziger (Elkhart, US)

Enjoyed this painting so much. I’ve received many compliments.

On Watch - Cardinal
Maria Tufan (Hamilton, BM)

I loved doing this one, i did it and gave it as a gift, my friends enjoyed it!

Beautiful Red Poppies
Roseann Morton (Georgetown, US)
Red Poppy

Winnie's Picks were excellent to work with. One of my paints arrived open & dried up. They sent me new paints so I could complete my beautiful poppy picture.


Great result.

A Woman of Independent Means
Y.H. (Gastonia, US)
Let's ride

Loved painting this one. So fun.

Colorful French Bulldog
D.B. (Evansville, US)
Fun Christmas gift

I got my first paint by number on Christmas Day. It was a lot of fun learning how to paint. The French Bulldog was challenging for me, but I had a lot of fun painting it and seeing the finished product!

Colorful Giraffe
D.B. (Evansville, US)
Christmas gift from Santa!

This giraffe was my first paint by number I've done. Santa left it in my stocking on Christmas morning! I had so much fun painting this colorful giraffe! I can't wait to do more!

Spring Grove Park Custom Painting

Spring Grove Park in Ottawa County Michigan is where I am a Parks & Recreation volunteer gardener spring, summer and fall. I maintain native flower beds in the 16-acre park eliminating unwanted invasive species and grasses. This painting is of one of my favorite areas in the park. I took the photo in the late fall to capture all the brilliant fall colors. I love that Winnies can make paint by number kits from actual photos. I'm truly hooked on this way of painting.
Frank Tuma
Zeeland, Michigan

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Kelsey Shindelar (Bettendorf, US)

My boyfriend’s family dog passed away several years ago and not a day goes by still that someone in the family does not mention him. He was truly a part of the family and is very missed by everyone. This painting was from a day that they took Cooper to the park and let him play in the snow and run around and he provided everyone with laughter at his silliness in the snow. He passed away shorty after this day and I know it is a memory they all cherish deeply. The photo of the man holding the framed picture is my boyfriend’s father and right after that picture was captured, he began crying and could not stop picking the picture up and looking at it.

Irises, Vincent van Gogh
Jack Lunn (Fairview, US)
Me and van Gogh

Hello Winnie's,

Attached is my just completed van Gogh irises painting.

Wow! What a challenge...and I loved it. My first paint by numbers...I'm hooked. I first started this back in May, this year, on vacation in the Outer Banks of NC when we were "sequestered" to our beach home as we rode out a NorEaster...4-5 days of 30-40mph winds...temps in low 40's... sandstorm any time you opened the door....that is when I started my paint by numbers hobby.

I had no idea I'd get into it. I did.

And this is my newfound hobby. And I can't wait to frame this and hang it in our house. I'm a big van Gogh fan. I've seen this original Irises painting. Doing this painting really kinda connected me with van Gogh's style...and I didn't cut my ear off when I finished!!

Thank you for the great product. I'll display it with pride!!


Jack Lunn

Asheville, NC

On Watch - Cardinal
Sue (Appleton, US)
Loved doing on watch cardinal

It was so cool working on this painting love the canvas wish it came with useful paint brushes

Home Sweet Home
H.H. (Toronto, CA)
Home sweet home made my own

I ended up spending a year and a half of this painting. It was such a great concept! Throughout the year, I grew as an artist and really began mixing my own coloures and blending techniques. It was challenging at times but I'm very glad to do another one soon.

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L.M. (Mill Valley, US)
Christmas Gift For My Mom

This is a painting of my grandmother, my moms mom, who died of cancer when she was very young, holding a baby me. I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my mom, who prefers quality over quantity, never wanting more physical things, so I decided to make one of her memories real. She absolutely loved it, and some tears were shed! Winnie’s Picks is such a great way to show love throughout the Christmas season and the rest of the year!

Beagle Boo Boo

My love for nearly twelve years with my Beagle Boo Boo has been set in paint on canvas thanks to Winnie's Picks who created this wonderful paint-by-number image for me to immortalize my sweet boy. Every moment I spent on this painting was a labor of love. Thank you to Winnie's Picks for creating this tribute piece. I still have another of Boo Boo that you created which I will start painting after the holidays. So many of my friends marvel at the incredible likeness. I'm sure you will enjoy their business soon as well.

Santa Express
S.R. (Temecula, US)
A Great Way To Begin The Christmas Season!

Every year for the past 3 years I have been painting a Christmas scene from Winnies, and hanging it for the season in my home. This is my favorite one yet, and my Grandkids agree, with all the bold, bright colors and fun details that emerge as the painting progresses. It is listed as a medium difficulty, but I think it is more towards the difficult side of that spectrum. But don't let that stop you from it, as every day you work on it feels like celebrating the season and the spirit of Christmas. It's a great addition to your Christmas decorations!

A Challenging Painting, But Rewarding

This is my 26th painting from Winnies. I decided to choose something that is out of my comfort zone.. This painting was remarkable in its depth and warmth. It's interesting to note, that copies of this painting online. go for between $200.00 & $400.00. For the price of$25.00 and a little fun and patience, you can have the same thing!

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Charlotte (Amherst, US)
My baby boy

My husband got this paint by number for me of our little boy in his crib. I’ve really enjoyed painting it and love the finished product! It has so much detail and looks just like him! I cannot wait to paint the one for our newborn daughter!

Three of my Grands. Custom from photo

Did you guys do a great job, or what?

Photo to Custom Paint by Numbers
Doc Holladay (Du Quoin, US)
Doc's Lighthouse

Never thought I would start paint by numbers at 91 years of age. It was challenging but very rewarding. The package included everything I needed and the instructions were very clear. Can't wait to try another one.

Colorful French Bulldog
C.M. (Utica, US)
Frenchie Reflection

I painted this Winnie's Picks painting for my daughter who has a Frenchie and she put it in her bathroom.

I love the reflection in the mirror!

I purchased it from Etsy. It had great paints with very vibrant colors and a fabulous canvas. Loved painting it!

Julie's Monet

My mom Julie started painting about one year ago. She loves Winnie's Picks.
Here she is with her Monet. I think it is grand!
I can't wait to see her future Winnie's Pick's artworks.

Relaxed in Paradise!

About a year and a half ago, my daughter gifted me a beautiful custom Paint-by-numbers of my family. It didn’t take long before I was thoroughly hooked. Despite several medical disabilities and currently being on medical leave this is one hobby I can enjoy every day! Since she got me started I have now completed 5 pictures. It has been wonderful to spend several months working on a beautiful picture of my parents and then presenting it to them as an anniversary present. I just completed one of my beautiful young nephews as a gift to my sister. I can’t wait to bring it across the country to her next week!
Winnie’s Picks has been super reliable! The custom paintings always turn out well. Paint quality is very good and enough paint is provided to complete each painting. I look forward to continuing to order my paintings (and encouraging family members to continue buy me these birthdays and Christmas:). This is one hobby that will last me a lifetime!

Relaxed Afternoon in the living room
Sylvia Roberts (Temecula, US)
Fun And Entertaining ,Relaxed Afternoon Reminds Us All To Relax

This painting although on the "easy" spectrum is a joy to paint for beginners and experienced painters alike. I loved the colors and the theme, and it gives you a chance to work with textures. This painting reminded me of my daughter, who as a mother of 2 under 3 years old, loves to have a moment to herself. Even the dog reminds me of hers, She loved this painting also, and today it is hanging in "her room" reminding her to find time to relax.