• Earn points - change to vouchers

    Earn points - change to vouchers

    Get 5 points every time you spend $1 to paint a Winnie's Picks kit, and get a discount on your next purchase. See your point balance in your personal space.

  • Give $5, get $5

    Give $5, get $5

    Share your personal referral code, that will allow your friends to get $5 off their paint by numbers, and $5 off your next one. What are you waiting for?
    Spread the word! 

  • Get a birthday gift

    Get a birthday gift

    Get 200 Points for your birthday each year, for being such a lovely artist, and get more possibilities to perfect your art.

  • Leave a review and be rewarded!

    Leave a review and be rewarded!

    Leave a review with a picture of you holding your Winnie's Picks kit, get 200 Points, and enter our Monthly Contest to win $100 in Paint by Numbers!

  • Follow us on social media for more points!

    Follow us on social media for more points!

    Get 50 points to follow us on Instagram and Facebook! Stay up-to-date with all our latest content and see all your fellow painters' artworks.

  • Receive special offers

    Receive special offers

    Be informed about all our hot deals one day ahead of everyone else, and get access to our private sales!

Frequently asked questions

Who can join?

Every Paint by Numbers lover can join the club, with no restriction depending on the country or age, and start earning points right from the moment they create an account.

How to subscribe?

It's easy! Just create an account on winniespicks.com and look for the rewards program in your personal space. Contact our customer service at info@winniespicks.com if you have any issues creating an account.

How to collect points?

There are several ways to obtain points, which are listed above:

1) Receive 5 points for each dollar spent on winniespicks.com.

2) Earn 200 points for your birthday (don't forget to add it to your personal space). This offer is only valid once a year.

3) Get 50 points for following us on Instagram, and 50 points more to like our page on Facebook. It is only valid once for each social media.

4) Leave a review and obtain 200 points once your review is approved. Don't try to fool us by uploading multiple times the same picture as we have been there before!

5) Benefit from special offers limited in time when your points are multiplied by 2 for each kit purchased!

6) Share your referral code with your friends, to allow them to receive $5 off their first purchase. Once they have used it, you'll get $5 off your next one. Great, right?

When can I redeem my points?

You can change your points to vouchers any time you like, from the moment you get at least 500 points!

- 500 points give you a $5 discount

- 800 points give you an $8 discount

- 950 points give you a $10 discount

- 1400 points give you a $15 discount

When do my points expire?

There's no expiry date for the moment, even though this will not go to your savings account for your pension.

How to use my voucher?

Log in to your account and in the "All rewards" section.

If you don't have enough points, you'll see a progress bar on the right.

If you have enough points to redeem, you'll see a button "redeem" and will be able to choose the number of points you want to transform to a voucher.

You'll then see your code to get your discount off your cart. You can click on "apply code" and have the code applied to your checkout automatically.

You'll receive an email as well with your code in case you want to use it later. The code will also show in your reward panel, under the "Your Rewards" section.

Rewards cannot turn to points again.

More questions? Send an email to info@winniespicks.com for further information.

How to access exclusive promotions?

Being in Winnie's Picks rewards program has benefits. It includes not only discounts on your next purchases but also private sales and hot deals.