Discover the fabulous artists 

Since 2020, Winnie's Picks collaborates with artists from all over the US to make you discover or rediscover their fabulous artworks. This is a unique opportunity for you to have a go at their paintings. You can finally become the artist you always wanted to be, all this from the comfort of your home. 


Our collaboration credits the artists behind your paint by numbers. It is a way to give more life to their paintings and to relive them with their fans. It gives you a great guarantee on the quality of the final paint by numbers. You have the opportunity to try lots of different styles with a premium quality.
We are therefore, promoting the artists and we are only selling licensed artworks, pretty cool hey! 

The artists 

Robin Wethe Altman

Robin loves painting colorful facades and sunny afternoons at the beach. She gets all her inspiration from oceans and mountains.

Fun Fact: Robin learnt painting with paint by numbers, a little bit like you and me. 

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Jeff Pittman

Jeff loves to get his inspiration from the mountains. He lives around the mountains of Western North Carolina and really enjoys the 4 distinct seasons 

Fun Fact: Although, Jeff has been surrounded by art his whole life with his dad being a well known artist, he didn't pick up a paintbrush until he moved to the mountains. 

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Marilyn Dunlap

Marilyn loves capturing the spirit of her European holidays, mainly France and Italy, and recreate it in her art. Her passion for history and art can really be experienced through her paintings. 

Fun Fact: Her paintings are are contrived from her memory and the places she draws do not exist, but she heard so many times, people saying 'oh I know exactly where that shop is', even though that shop is imaginary

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Anthony Padgett

Anthony is passionate about nature and photography. He loves going for long walks in the wild where he enjoys the sunlight.Anthony could draw from an early age thanks to his mother who was very artistic and creative.

Fun Fact: He spends time with individuals with little to no painting experience while they assist in putting the finishing touches on a piece.

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Johnathan Harris

Johnathan had a passion for art from an early age and made sure to always have it as part of his life. The Southwestern desert landscapes of America really inspire him and that is reflected in his work. 

Fun Fact: He was very young when his parents took him to the west coast of America, and since then his passion hasn't changed. 

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Donald Maier

Donald loved nature and painting the natural beauty all around him. He used to take his family with him for "painting vacations" in national parks, deserts, or by the sea.

Fun Fact: his oil painting "The Spectator" was the only painting stolen at the state show at Rutgers University in 1974, and he was quite proud of that!  

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