Collection: Paint by numbers by Anthony Padgett

Anthony is passionate about nature and photography. He loves going for long walks in the wild where he enjoys the sunlight. Anthony could draw from an early age thanks to his mother who was very artistic and creative.

Here is his amazing artwork turned into paint by numbers and you'll find his interview below!

"Nature has always been my favorite subject to paint"

First, where are you from and what do you enjoy the most about this place? 

Born and raised in Belleville, IL.  My family and friends.

Where are you the most inspired to paint? What inspires you the most to paint? 

Outdoors, experiencing nature and sunlight.

What is the story behind your subjects? What do you prefer to paint? 

Growing up spending time outdoors.  Nature has always been my favorite subject to paint.

When did you discover your talent? And was it because of a person, an event, a specific situation?

As a kid I knew I could draw and paint.  My mother was very artistic and creative.

Can you tell us about your favorite setup to paint?

Mornings definitely and listening to ‘80s music.


Do you have a fellow partner (a dog, a cat,…) when painting or do you prefer being alone?

My yellow lab, Toby, was my painting partner for years.  Unfortunately, I spend most painting alone now.

Can you explain how different is your painting technique from the acrylic paint used with paint by numbers? 

I spend a lot of time layering paint and blending as opposed to “filling in the blanks” with one color.

Do you have a piece of advice to share with a beginner regarding… a technique, an angle, an equipment? 

Use good quality paint, replace brushes regularly, and prepare your work surface correctly.

What is your funniest memory about painting? 

“Paint with the artist” has been a favorite part of events benefiting wildlife organizations.

I spend time with individuals with little to no painting experience while they assist in putting the finishing touches on a piece.