Our Green Journey

At Winnie’s Picks, we care about the environment. We looked in ways to reduce our carbon footprint while improving your experience. We know that a better future starts by taking actions and by caring for our planet Earth.

Sustainable impact

climate positive workforce 

of carbon reduction 

planted in Winnie's Picks forest


We support responsible tree planting
Climate positive workforce

In partnering with Ecologi, we will remove carbon through reforestation and protection of prime forests.

What does it concretely mean for you?

It means that for every single purchase made by you, Ecologi will plant a tree.
Their current plantation project is in Madagascar, where our beautiful mangrove forest is growing. How cool is that?

You are now part of our green community, where together, we contribute to make the world a better place. As Ecologi mentions it ‘People and Planet need to live truly in harmony’ and we couldn’t agree more!

Our green timeline

Winnie's Picks green timeline

Other projects supported in the past