Collection: Paint by numbers by Johnathan Harris

Johnathan had a passion for art from an early age and made sure always to have it as part of his life. The Southwestern desert landscapes of America really inspire him, and that is reflected in his work.

Here is his amazing artwork turned into paint by numbers, and you'll find his interview below!


"I see the stark contrast of earth and sky... mountain and valley... sand and sage."


First, where are you from and what do you enjoy the most about this place

I am originally from northwest Arkansas near Fayetteville. I love the fact that we are surrounded by nature and wildlife, which has inspired me for years creatively.

Where are you the most inspired to paint? What inspires you the most to paint?

I am the most inspired to paint in the Southwest U.S. I am moved by the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, Aspen forests, and vast deserts. I am inspired by the colors of nature and the impact I am able to make in a painting with the use of a vibrant palette when creating art.

What is the story behind your subjects? What do you prefer to paint?

My subjects consist primarily of Southwestern landscapes. I always have been inspired by the beauty of the Southwest and the way the light plays off of the land and changes throughout the course of the day.

When did you discover your talent? And was it because of a person, an event, or a specific situation?

I discovered my passion for painting when I was 12 years old. I took art lessons from a local small-town artist and fell in love with acrylics and the use of color to express myself became intoxicating.

Can you tell us about your favorite setup to paint?

My favorite setup to paint is in the evening and late at night with music, a podcast, or a television documentary playing in the background.

Do you have a fellow partner when painting, or do you prefer being alone?

I have cats that love to hang out with me when I paint and eventually sleep in a chair next to my easel. It's very relaxing to be creating art while they sleep comfortably.

Can you explain how different is your painting technique from the acrylic paint used with paint by numbers?

My painting technique is quite different from the acrylic paint used with paint by numbers due to the fact that I mix my colors myself, so each color is unique and a combination of several colors and hues made more vibrant and dense with layering and using mediums to create unique effects.

Do you have a piece of advice to share with a beginner regarding... A technique, an angle, a piece of equipment?

My technique is to start from a dark canvas and work outward and finish with highlights and color. My advice is to use the best materials you can afford, and don't settle for inferior supplies, whether it is paints, brushes, or canvas.

What is your funniest memory about painting?

My funniest memory about painting would be when one of my cats jumped on my studio table and onto my wet palette. He then walked through the house , creating cat paw prints all throughout the house on the carpet. It was funnier after I got everything cleaned up, of course.