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The elephant: symbol of prosperity & wisdom

This enormous mammal, with its precious ivory tusks and heavy trunk, feels at home in the savannas in the forest. It symbolizes wisdom and prosperity in cultures worldwide, but mainly in Asia and Africa, home to the elephant’s natural habitat.

Outside these continents, they can only be seen in the circus or the zoo. Elephants have been popularizeWesternstern culture thanks to Jumbo, an Elephant that lived in Paris, Jardin des Plantes, and London in the 1860s. Walt Disney’s film in 1939 finished helping to promote the vast mammal and its big ears, making him a dreaming animal.

The biggest land mammal

The giant land animal is common in exotic countries of southeast Asian countries and is a national symbol of Thailand, as they have been part of its history for generations. Due to urbanization, and poachers chasing them for the ivory trade, we find fewer and fewer elephants in their natural habitat. To protect them, numerous sanctuaries are created where they can live a safe and long life.

Local artists express their appreciation of the great animal by brushing it on canvas. In Northern Thailand, there is even a gallery showcasing paintings by elephants! Elephants draw elephants using a paint pot of exciting colors. All the proceeds from their images are used to fund the battle against poachers.  

How to paint an elephant?

You can do it, too, since even elephants have mastered depicting their brethren on canvas. The best paint to use is acrylic or water-based. If you’re a beginner, starting with a painting by numbers is best, based on delimited zones. You’ll find some parts, like the tail, really easy. On the other hand, the pachyderm’s tusks and trunk can be a bit complicated.

Being entirely grey, it might seem easy to paint an elephant. The hardest part is distinguishing the different shades of grey and putting the right amount of light on the roughness of the giant mammal’s skin.   

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Did you not find your perfect Elephant DIY painting?

If you cannot find the canvas of your choice, customization remains the only option. Use a photo or another image to have us develop a pattern with the correct gradient. With a paint by number custom, you can paint a grown or baby elephant or any other animal you wish.

Our acrylic paints are highly resistant to wear and tear, making pictures the perfect present. DIY elephant artwork is a lifetime memory for a friend or loved one to cherish.