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Birds: symbol of freedom and future

No representative of the animal kingdom has manifested the notion of freedom quite like the bird with its ability to fly for a practically endless period of time. It is also a symbol of the future, of comfort, and of protection.

You only need to see a chick nestle under its mother’s wing to feel this. There’s nothing more limiting and restrictive than the birdcage, a notorious symbol of the loss of freedom. Even a bird like a fowl, which isn’t great at flying due to its more limited wingspan, gives us a sense of freedom in the wilderness.

Birds in classical paintings

A dove that hovers, the rich plumage of a peacock, a robin, a hatching finch, a calculating vulture—the average viewer will find all of these charmingly decorative. Our feather friends were part of a complex tradition of visual symbolism in classic Renaissance and Gothic eras as well as in Chinese culture.

The imagery was key to instilling sense and reason in the Twitter of common folk, pun intended, in cultures void of literacy. Narrative paintings were a way to help one’s imagination fly. Every detail was mastered in classical artworks, from the beak down to each feather.

One famous bird painting is paintwork from Magritte, “L’Oiseau dans le ciel” from 1964, using a trompe-l’oeil.

How to paint a bird?

There are many ways to paint birds, including using a brush and oil- or water-based dyes on canvas or with watercolor paper. Acrylic paint is the best, but you could opt to draw a bird or brood using a graphite pencil.

Birds can be of any hue color, and so need to be your paint kit: blue, yellow, red, or green for the parrot, the peacock, or the budgie, for example, as well as darker tones for the crow, the blackbird, or the thrush.

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube where you will learn to paint birds as they perch, fly, or nestle. Practicing with a numbered area will help.

Who are the most famous bird painters?

Richard Johnson is a popular contemporary artist specializing in bird art. He started painting when he was a child. Sue van Copenhagen is a South African artist focused on watercolor as a painting medium. She loves experimenting with color to breathe life into every area and aspect of her work.

The avian artwork of John James Audubon, widely considered the best creator of wildlife art in the US, deserves special mention. He has done unforgettable artwork of the Northern Mockingbird, the Yellow-breasted Chat, the Great Egret, and the Great Crested Flycatcher, among others.  

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