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Ruby Throated Hummingbird

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$24.95 USD
Size15x20in (37.5x50cm)

The painting Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is perfect for all those who love the most unique and exotic parts of nature. Enjoy this artwork depicting a small, lively hummingbird flying over a lovely red flower, surrounded by greenery and magical nature. 

This painting is an opposite duo chromatic of green and red, that contrasts perfectly with one another. The colors used to paint the hummingbird are similar to the ones used in the background: the tiny bird’s plumage is emerald green, while its name comes from the ruby-colored plumage on its throat. Softer tones of the same greens and pinkish reds are used to paint the flowers surrounding the bird, as well as the greenery that can be seen in the distance.

There is nothing more precious than seeing such a small part of nature, in the form of a hummingbird feeding itself off of the nectar of beautiful, unique flowers. Hummingbirds are known for being the smallest birds in the world, as well as for their plumage found in almost every color combination. This animal painting realistically illustrates the scenery, reminding one that there are excitement and uniqueness even in the tiniest lives.

If you consider yourself an animal lover, then perhaps this paint by numbers art kit of a bird could be a choice for you. The red flowers, as well as the red and green plumage of the tiny hummingbird, create a unique piece of nature, reminiscent of tropical forests and exotic wildlife.

Frequently asked questions

Why you'll love paint by numbers

- It's an amazing way to relax and to take your mind off of your daily stress.
- Create your own masterpiece to decorate your home.
- It's fun, easy, and makes for a wonderful gift!

What's in the art kit?

- High-quality linen canvas rolled in a strong tube - Certified wrinkle-free (see the size above).
- Acrylic paint set - No need to mix the colors & more than enough paint to complete the painting.
- Set of 4 brushes - You can start painting straight from the box.
- Complete painting instructions - Perfect for beginners.

Why buy from us?

- The final result of each paint by numbers available at Winnie's Picks will look exactly as the picture shown above.
- Customer satisfaction is our N°1 priority - See what our clients say about us and please contact us for any questions. We're happy to help!
- Each canvas is rolled in a cardboard tube and our regular paintings are shipped with DHL from California.
- We're a registered company that sells licensed artwork from artists and pays taxes.

Customer Reviews

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J.H. (Henderson, US)
We love hummingbirds

This will be a gift to my brother & sister inlaw as a surprise. They live in the country and have a huge number of hummingbirds. It turned out pretty good in my opinion.