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The wolf: symbol of spirit and loyalty

Regarding spirit animals, the wolf is striking. Its power brings forth the urge to be free, instinct, intelligence, and awareness of how critical relationships can be in our lives. The wolf can also symbolize a lack of trust or a threat. It represents a strong bond with instincts. When someone dreams of a wolf, or it appears to them during meditation, this might mean they are using their intuition or instincts to understand a situation. The same goes for dreaming of a werewolf, a lone wolf, or a wolf pack. Hearing howls in your dreams signifies fear or a threat, akin to a bite from a canine.

The wolf in legends

In fairy tales like Little red riding hood and The three pigs, the wolf was the bad guy. He symbolized evil. In Cherokee legend, it's a different story. One tale tells the story of two members of the canid race, the dog and the wolf. Initially, the wolf lived by the fire, and the dog lived on the mountain. One cold winter dog decided he'd had enough, came down, and banished the wolf. Wolf became prosperous in the wilderness, while the dog stayed by the hearth. One day, a man killed a wolf, but his brothers avenged his death.

The dog has been man's best friend ever since, living with him in his home or the kennel. However, the man is smart enough to stop hunting the wolf, even when he sees paw marks in the snow outside.

Famous wolves on canvas

One of the most famous wolf paintings is The She-Wolf Suckling Romulus and Remus by artist Agostino Carracci. With his brush and paint pot, Carracci's canvas immortalized the founders of Rome, a central area of an ancient civilization. The artist turned special attention to details like the animals' paws, claws, fur, muzzles, and tails. Artist Charles Russell created a watercolor painting of a sick bovine amid a hungry pack of carnivores. He called the artwork Waiting for a Chinook. A farmer with more than 5,000 cattle sent cowboy painter Russell to judge the situation after a particularly harsh winter in Montana. Russell drew a starving cow and sent it to the man with the note 'the last of the 5000' as a subtitle of the art piece.

Do you want more animal painting by numbers kits?

It's easy and fun to paint by numbered area. There is a number within the art kit for each area to be painted using a superb acrylic paint set. Depict your artwork on our animals' paint by numbers, or try our deer painting kit, another living species of the forest.

Did not find your perfect wolf DIY painting?

Paint your custom paint by numbers for the DIY painting of your dreams. Acrylic paint contains silicone oil and other high-quality pigments and tones. Choose the right frame for your lone wolf or wolf pack and use patterns with charcoal, black, and silver tones. Your DIY artwork could become a template in the years to come.