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The butterfly is a symbol of life: delicate and colorful

The butterfly can be just as beautiful on canvas as it is in real life. It has inspired millions of artists around the world. This delicate, ephemeral creature delights in each and every color of nature. Butterflies are a powerful, deep representation of life.

They are associated with the soul in many cultures. Christianity sees these “flying flowers” as a symbol of metamorphosis, transformation, and resurrection. They represent hope, change, and endurance across the globe.

It is no surprise they have been the centerpiece of so many paintings in history. When drawing them, they require a specific gradient and pigment, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a challenge.

The short life of the butterfly

The butterfly is the most colorful and beautiful insect ever. It undergoes an awe-inspiring metamorphosis, symbolizing spring and summer, the seasons of hope and rebirth.

The first stage of the butterfly is the egg, followed by the larva, which is sheltered in a cocoon. The next stage is the caterpillar, and the final one – the adult. Adult butterflies can fly like birds using their colorful and symmetrical wings.

Nature is truly the most talented artist – a glimpse of the amazing wing patterns will prove it. The life of the butterfly is ephemeral, as most of them live for 10 days maximum, even if they can live up to 1 year. This confers the charming insect a mystical aura, a symbol of its fleeting life.

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Painting butterflies can be frightening, due to the level of detail. But it should not be, as there is no mixing needed, you should paint according to numbered areas.

If you feel that it still represents a challenge for you, we have plenty of other animals' canvases by numbers as well. This makes it possible to express your imagination using a brush and water-resistant acrylic paint.

Falling for colorful critters? You could as well choose our bird painting kits, the other flying fortress of nature. Just follow the flow, painting each numbered area according to its acrylic color, letting the animal reveal itself piece by piece.

Did not find your perfect butterfly DIY painting?

You can custom one from an old picture of yours with this custom paint by numbers paint set! As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is art.

Being an artist is an attitude, not a skill. The skill develops with time. Your artwork will keep getting better and better. It’s never too late to get started with a DIY painter kit, no matter what painting medium you choose – water-based dyes, acrylic, or oil.
Some butterflies are brightly colored, while others’ wings have a more muted and subdued tone. Embrace variety and get started with a painting by numbers today!