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The cow: familiar part of the countryside scenery

If it weren’t for the cow, the serenity of the countryside could well be lost. The bovine is an inalienable part of the countryside scenery. We couldn’t imagine rural life without the dairy cow and its milk, farm pasture, horn, verdant grass, bellow, and, of course, calves hanging around their mothers and oxen grazing peacefully.

Countryside scenery can be depicted in acrylic or oil paint in an earthy tone as the backdrop of the black and white pattern.

However, you don’t need to limit yourself to black, white, and earthy hues. There are more green, brown, and yellow hues and tones in the countryside than anyone has ever named, through fields, the copse of trees, and rolling hills. It feels like space and time are one, going all the way to the horizon, and letting our imagination go beyond.

The scenery is different throughout the year as the seasons change, but in the end, it remains the same. Dare take this path and experience the delight of painting beautiful countryside scenery.

An animal with a great sense of friendship & affection

Cows are forgiving and affectionate. They love being scratched behind the ears, petted, and stroked. They welcome loving interactions with sweet, kind, and gentlefolk. The cow is the friendliest and most loving animal, one that is underappreciated by modern-day artists.

While lacking the fierceness of wild animals, the cow gives us a sense of comfort and coziness like few other things. The bull, on the other hand, is a symbol of braveness and strength.

Artwork that pays the cow homage might have a stable, a quaint farm, or even a cowboy. When talking about cows, how can we forget the cowboy’s work? Protecting & leading the herd through the rancher’s land was its job in the US in the ’80s, mounting his horse through the wide fields, looking for fresh grass.

Want more animal painting by numbers kits?

We know what it’s like when you feel like painting, but don’t know what.

Why not pull a canvas, brush, and paint set out and breathe life into a pet?

Because that’s why cows are too many people who live in the countryside. They love them so much they’re like family members to grace an animal painting on canvas.  Or choose horse painting by numbers to portray an animal almost as affectionate as the cow.

Did not find your perfect cow DIY painting?

Let’s say you want to draw a cowherd as it grazes on the farm. Customize with art by numbered area. No mixing of pigment is needed, and you can use a canvas the size of your choice.

Then our personalized paint by numbers is a good choice for designing the painting you want. You’re the artist! With a top-quality acrylic paint pot, our art kit makes DIY artwork child’s play because each area has a number indicating what color to use.