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Why people cannot get enough of cats

It's a fact that people can't get enough of cats and their lovable paws, claws, soft, snuggly fur, and purr, unlike any other sound in the world. Cats are unique: they're the go-to pet if you want to "cuddle with the cheetah", like a famous person once said.

Professional and layman artists share a deep desire to bring a tomcat or a little kitty's whir or meow to life. Any budding painter can try their hand at depicting their feline.

It's a fact people can't get enough of pet number one; sometimes, a pigment or gradient of cat art is so realistic that you expect to hear the kitten meow in disapproval or purr with the utmost satisfaction only a feline is capable of expressing.

Most famous cat paintings

Some people fail to appreciate this pet, claiming its meowing drives them insane. We will not bother ourselves to even think about such people. We want to appeal to the imagination of those who can't wait to get home from work to hug their beloved pet.

This is a fantastic animal, with or without a pedigree, as famous cat drawings like da Vinci's Study of Cat Movements and Positions will convince you. The great da Vinci even said the smallest feline was a masterpiece.

Over the centuries, cats have proliferated in art. They became highly popular as the cuddly friends of young girls in paintings by French Impressionists and Victorian artists. Edouard Manet's Olympia, depicting a black cat on a naked woman's bed, absolutely scandalized the social tone of 19th-century Paris. 

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No matter your tools of choice a paint pot to blend color, acrylic, water, oil, or brush – you'll find a great reason to dabble in some DIY art with our numbered area animals canvas by numbers. There are different patterns and templates to choose from.

Every detail of a feline can transform into a masterpiece in and of itself, even the paw and the mustache. Try a lion painting kit to breathe life into the King of the Jungle. Of the other animal painting-by-numbers kits, the dog paint by numbers is a trendy choice.  

Did you not find your perfect Cat DIY painting?

If you didn't find your ideal cat painting here with us, you could custom paint by numbers based on your feline picture! We'll provide you with the perfect paint set and art kit to portray your loving cat, from the muzzle to the paw and tail.

There has been no better time to try your hand at creating artwork than now. Don't wait – order your custom cat painting kit today and see your imagination come to life.