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Yellow, green, orange, red, and pink: all forest colors

Forests during fall are nothing short of magical! The beautiful foliage of green as they turn into beautiful tones of yellow, orange, red, pink, and brown give forests a whimsical and mysterious look like this country lane canvas. It’s like painting with all the colors of the wind.

It’s wild to think that these trees’ leaves set fire with these stunning pigment hues just as they are about to wilt and die. Have you ever considered why endings, like fall and sunsets, have the same color gradient? It’s almost like ending life with a bang. A grand, graceful exit, as some would say.

Fall symbolizes hope, rejuvenation, and transformation. This Birch tree painting, for example, is a representation of the essence of trees and forests, alive and everchanging. Like the leaves and the forest, we all go through changes, too. These changes are meant to prepare us for what’s about to come - winter. But once we get through the cold, we will return alive and flourish again. Life is a cycle. You have to enjoy the journey.

How to paint a forest?

Painting a forest can be daunting for any artist. There are lots of visual elements that you must consider in this artwork. You should find and use the right color tones for the painting you have in mind.

Are you going for the lush green taiga with a clear blue-sky backdrop or the orange fall colors with a forest massif on the background? Texture, value, depth, and the right shading pattern are also things you need to think about to bring the paintings to life and create a sense of realism in them.

But painting a forest area or the edge of the woods doesn’t have to be all that intimidating. If you’re still looking at building that confidence to paint, paint by numbers is a great way to experiment with texture, understand how to create depth, and use different lighting values as a technique.

All you have to do with the art kit is to color the numbered area using the brush and acrylic paint set that comes with the kit. Easy peasy! There’s no mixing needed with the paintings. You have all the colors you need. Plus, acrylic is a versatile medium. You can play with it more than you can with oil. If it starts drying up a bit, add a few drops of water or use a flow improver.

More landscapes painting by numbers kits?

Landscapes have always been a favorite painting subject for artists. Men are drawn to nature because we were born to be their keepers. We are the protector of this vast realm.

Landscape painting by numbers are a tribute to nature’s magnificence. Turn these awe-inspiring natural creations into timeless pieces of art. You should start with a mountain painting by number kitto try.

Did not find your perfect forest DIY painting?

You can create your own. Got a nice photo from your last nature trekking trip that you want to immortalize and relive?

We can create a custom DIY painting kit for you. As long as it passes our photo guidelines, you should be good to go. Our custom paint by numbers kit comes with the custom canvas with your chosen photo, a set of 4 brushes, 24/36 color acrylic paint pots depending on your preference, and instructions.