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White sand and blue water, dreamy vibe

Who would say no to lounging on a lazy beach chair along the coast and soaking in the sun's warmth while sipping cold Pina Coladas? How about walking along the beach to the Cape lighthouse and admiring the ocean view from the top with your loved one? It’s the ultimate island dream.

That dreamy summer vibe of thinking about nothing but just the moment: the warmth of the midday sun, the salty sea breeze caressing your skin, the crystal-clear blue waters, and washed-up white sand. Everything seems so surreal. Surreal because it is too good to be true.

But the island dream isn’t just for happy-go-lucky backpackers who travel all year round or luxurious travelers who go on holidays to escape winter. Recreate your island dream in the comforts of your home with paint by numbers art kits.

A wave sunset painting template can recreate that feeling you get when you surf that perfect swell while the sun sets and the sky is illuminated with an orange and pink gradient.

Beach chairs on white sand, a romantic atmosphere

Sandy feet against the powdery white sand, salty hair blowing against the wind, and white foam crashing against the shore; it’s beach paradise! 

Imagine holding hands while walking by the promenade area with your loved one while watching seagulls play on the coastline. Imagine swimming in the sea under the bright moonlight on a clear summer night. Imagine going for a picnic on a nearby beach hut, eating freshly caught fish, shellfish, or some other exotic seafood while playing beach tunes. 

Ah! Nothing screams like wild romance more than summer! 

If the beach seems like a far-fetched plan, try enjoying the simple pleasures that you can do at home. We highly recommend painting by numbers to relax. What about a beach chair kit that will remind you of quiet summer days with friends and loved ones, playing on the shore. If not, maybe a morning view on the coast will tickle your pickle and take you back to the good old days of sitting hot coffee on a cold morning on your beach house patio.

How to paint a beach?

Beach paintings are a classic hit for every painter! It’s almost always the go-to landscape painting for every beginner artist. When painting the beach, finding the horizon is nearly always the first thing you must do. Then you work on the other elements of the painting from that. 

The three key components of a realistic beach painting include: 

  1. Finding the right color gradient that you want for the bigger elements like the ocean and the shoreline
  2. Adding texture to the waves as they crash against the shore
  3. Using good light contrast to depict that bright summery vibe.

Learning how to paint, in general, requires a lifetime of studying and practicing, and experimenting. But with paint by numbers, you learn without agonizing over all the visual elements that make up any artwork. We’ve laid it down for you. 

You have to follow the instruction guide and paint the acrylic paint over the corresponding numbered area. There's also no need to worry if you got the tone right off; the paint is the right color pigment. The art kit has been customized for the template that you chose. Also, acrylic is much more versatile than oil. So, it's great for beginners!

More landscapes painting by numbers kits?

Not feeling the beach vibe? There are plenty of other landscape painting kits on canvas that you can choose from too! From beautiful dykes that remind you of summers in Colorado to dunes by the Sahara, the landscapes painting by numbers collection has everything! 

Why don’t you try some ship painting by numbers and lighthouses painting by numbers, which are a real hit for advanced artists? But don't worry, if you are a try-to-be artist, there are easy painting kits for beginners, too!

Did not find your perfect beach DIY painting?

You can custom one from a picture of yours! 

Create your own custom paint by numbers art kit for you or a loved one! Maybe a picture of the beach where you met or a picture of you surfing? Whatever it is, as long as the photo is clear and passes our photo guidelines, we can create a custom DIY painting kit for you. 

It is a wonderful gift to give to a friend or even yourself. The personalized artwork can be nostalgic for both of you simultaneously. And the best part is: You do not have to be an artist to enjoy painting by numbers. It is for everyone to enjoy.