Collection: Mountain Paint by Numbers

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How to paint a mountain?

Like any other artwork, learning to paint a mountain area requires different techniques and a lot of discipline to capture its essence and beauty truly. Anyone can create a crest line and a plain field with a perfectly shaped mount in the background, but for all the elements of the painting to come together, like the forest beneath it or the mountain pass that you can barely see but adds detail to the overall painting, those kinds of details require an expert hand.

A painting by numbers template is a great way to start if you want to learn how to paint a mountain chain. It's an easy way of learning how to hold a brush and pick the right color tones, how color matching works, and how the proper color values and shading can take your art to an all-new level. It's pretty much a DIY painting lesson. You learn as you do it.

More landscapes painting by numbers kits?

Maybe you are not fond of mountains and prefer a forest painting by number kit? If you are looking for more landscapes paint by numbers canvas, there are a lot of sceneries paintings that are sure to satisfy your artistic cravings.

Beach painting by numbers are the perfect starter art kit for learning color variations. In contrast, our forest painting kit is a delightful way to experiment with textures and learn about creating depth. Whether you're a novice painter or a more advanced artist, there is the right painting for your expertise.

Did not find your perfect mountains DIY painting?

Let’s do it: a custom paint by number just for you! Do you have the perfect picture of a mountain area you visited or climbed that you would like to recreate into a painting? Then it's the right one!

Our art kits are complete with the custom canvas with the painting pattern of your image, four sets of brushes, a 24 or 36 acrylic paint set, and an instruction guide. Our acrylic paints are ready for use; no mixing is needed. They are all the pigments you need for every numbered area.