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Ships' history: sailboat, yacht, small barge, shrimper…

The history of ships began in prehistoric times with Homo Erectus building bamboo rafts as a means of transportation. Later, Homo Sapiens, the Modern Man, improved on these rafts and built the early boats.

The Egyptians are thought to have built the first sailing boat in the world using reed. This dates back to 4000 BC. They have continually improved upon this and later built wooden boats and the galley, a sailboat powered by man. The galley was used to both fight and trade. At around 1000 AD, Vikings began building longboats, a ship with sails, and over 60 men who row them.

The use of wooden ships for trade, explorations, transportation of cargo, and battles began in 1450. Later in 1660, Charles II of England used a yacht to take him to the Netherlands from England for his restoration. Since then, yachts have become vessels known to transport significant people. This remains the same today. Yachts are often only owned by rich people.

In the early 1800s, the maritime community took an even bigger turn; the first steam-powered ships were built to transport passengers across the deep Atlantic Ocean. These were later replaced with diesel-powered ships. The most famous ship is probably the Titanic, thanks to the movie. The boat sailed in 1912. But even though they thought it was unsinkable, it did sink when its stern area hit an iceberg off the Newfoundland coast.

There are different types of boats and ships that people use now, like barges and shrimper boats. They are often diesel-powered, and marine engineers run the bigger cargo ships.

Sailing on a lake, surrounded by forest and mountains

Do you ever want to feel an endless summer, sailing on the lake and watching the sun magically disappear on the horizon? Don't you love being surrounded by nature in all its glory? Hues of green and earth and tones of gold and pink wherever you look. Admiring nature as you navigate through the lake; aboard your vessel paint by number, hoping that the boat won't overturn so, you won't have to swim.

Sometimes you can't help but wonder how to make it last longer. How does nature blend all these colors to perfection? And how does beauty such as this exist in a world so full of chaos? These moments make us turn to art as an excuse to replicate this wave of emotions through colors and tones that capture the gradient of the sunset and the forest.

A sunset lake painting is exactly these feelings on a frame. Sail away into a solitary mood as you bring life to this piece of artwork.

How to paint a ship?

Painting a ship can be a detailed visual even for expert artists. Even making a ship is a craft in itself. But it does not have to be that difficult. Think of it as painting an ocean view. Imagine your setting first. Is it daytime? Night? Sunrise? Sunset? Based on that, create a value chart of colors that matches the scenery you want.

Start painting the light colors first. Then add depth by adding darker shades. Once you’re done with the background view, it’s time to add the star of the show - the ship! To start, create an outline of your ship first. Then paint over the outline. Start with the shadows first, then add more light to areas where light would mostly hit. Finish it off with extra details like painting reflections to bring the entire painting together.

If you’re new to painting and want to practice the basics before diving into a blank canvas, painting by numbers could be a good practice template. It’s best for beginners because you only have to color the numbered area with the right acrylic paint. No mixing is needed! The acrylic paint is all the pigment you will need to complete the painting. Acrylic is also more suitable for beginners than oil.

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Urban living has become the new way of life. Nature, where everything began, used to be our home, but now it has become a place to escape. But if you can’t be in nature now, why not paint one? Bring out the artist in you.

Immerse yourself in a landscape paint by numbers canvas that is sure to bring you the same feeling of tranquility and solitude as when you are with nature.

And if you’re itching to go to the beach, maybe a beach painting kit will do for now. If you’re dying to swim in the ocean, maybe an ocean paint by numbers can help satiate your urge. The important thing is: you get to relax and de-stress.

Did not find your perfect ship DIY painting?

You can custom one from a picture of yours!

Escape and sail away through painting! Unleash the painter in you and make your artwork with DIY custom paint by numbers art kit. Create a canvas template with us if you have the perfect ship photo you want to bring to life through art.

Our kits contain everything you need to finish your artwork. Each kit has a paint set of acrylics in numbered paint pots, four brushes, your custom canvas pattern, and an instruction sheet.