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Morning Coffee at the Beach House

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Size16x24in (40x60cm)

Morning Coffee at Beach House is a painting of a seascape at dawn, as seen from the comfort of a beach house’s front porch. The soft morning sunlight bathes the veranda in bright tones of yellow, while the waves of a sea painted in blue gradient engulf the beach one by one.

On the front porch, a sleeping dog is on the paint by numbers, next to a seat and a coffee table that is waiting for someone to come sit down and admire the sea. While the porch seems quiet and peaceful, the sea looks wild and restless, with seagulls and ships are roaming in the distance, making it seem as if the scene is somewhere at the edge between a night’s dream and the morning’s awakening.

This painting truly evokes a feeling of calmness and the soft, pastel tones of blue, green, and yellow of the painting invite one to take a break from day-to-day life and sit down to enjoy life’s small pleasures.

This landscape DIY paint by numbers kit is perfect for all seascape lovers. The waves and blue sky seen from the porch of a beach house make for a romantic and relaxing view. Why not sit down and enjoy a warm cup of coffee, while watching the sunrise and the sea?

Robin Wethe Altman is an American artist, inspired by her surroundings and nature. As she lived most of her life in California, her paintings represent the beach and sandy sceneries with ships and beach chairs, the ocean in the background. Yellow and blue shades are dominant in Robin’s paintings. She loves to paint tiny houses, as they make her feel secure and happy. Now that she moved to North Carolina (United States), she is heartened by the mountains. Even though she knows how to use acrylic paint, she loves using watercolor paint, which gives all her paintings these magic faded tones of eternal holidays and a feeling of nostalgia. Her secret? Always finish your art, and have fun in the process. 

This paint by numbers on canvas allows you to escape from your daily routine and dream of seascapes. This is a high-quality canvas with personalized paint made for this very unique painting that will make sure to take you to a sunnier place.

Robin Wethe Altman

Meet Robin, a talented artist who draws inspiration from the natural beauty of oceans and mountains.
Her passion for painting is evident in her vivid and colorful depictions of facades and sunny afternoons at the beach.

We're excited to showcase her amazing artwork, which has been transformed into paint by numbers.
Check out her interview by clicking below to learn more about her creative process and inspiration.

See all Robin's paintings

Customer Reviews

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Sylvia Roberts (Murrieta, US)
Dreaming Of A Morning At The Beach House

This painting reminds me of the mornings I've enjoyed while at the beach. Just so relaxing, and calming as if time is standing still for just a few minutes. Painting this evokes the same feelings with its relaxed hues of blues, yellows and whites. The details of the waves on the ocean, sailboats at sea, dog laying on slippers and the house out on the point add to the relaxation and enjoyment of this painting. It's easy enough for a beginner to try, but detailed enough for advanced painters to enjoy.

Rosemary Bender (Tampa, US)
Life at the beach house

Just finished and out of the many I have completed this one is by far my best

One Artist Canvas
One Reference Sheet
Four Paintbrushes
One Acrylic Paint Set
Finished Painting's Photo
Complete Instructions

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab Your Morning Coffee at the Beach House Paint Kit Before It's Gone!
Morning Coffee at the Beach House