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London paint by numbers depicting the best clichés

There are plenty of sights to see when in London. The London Eye, for example, is a staple landmark overhanging the river Thames along the dam. A slow ride on this gigantic Ferris wheel will give you panoramic views of London, including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and St. Pauls Cathedral.

Don't miss the Tower of London too. Also situated next to the River Thames and London Bridge, it is an ancient fortress now used to protect the Queen's crown jewels. You can take a guided tour around the castle. 

Another classic London attraction is Westminster Abbey. It is a beautiful, large Gothic-era church in the heart of London. Breathtaking old architecture, a gallery view, and stain-glassed windows inside will take your breath. A proud work of Londonians.

You will also enjoy walking around Covent Garden, a historic old cobble-stoned market square in the heart of London. It is always bustling at Covent Garden. It's full of performing acrobats, traditional market stools, British florists, Tobacco Pipe shops, Michelin-star restaurants, and everything else. 

If you love art and museums, the Tate Museum, the National Gallery, or the Victoria & Albert Museum are a must-visit.

Red, white and blue: colors of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom was formed from the union of Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) and Northern Ireland. The Union Jack or Union Flag is the symbol of this unification. It is the national flag of the United Kingdom and serves as the royal flag as well. England's flag is the red cross of St. George on a white field. Scotland has the white saltire (diagonal cross) of St. Andrew on a blue field. And Ireland was represented by the red saltire of St. Patrick on a white field.

The Welsh dragon does not appear on the Union Flag because when the first Union Flag was created in 1606, Wales was considered a part of England. So, the red cross of St. George represents Wales as well.

Each flag bears bold colors and meaning. The white flag symbolizes peace and honesty. The red represents bravery, strength, and courage, while the blue represents vigilance, loyalty, justice, and perseverance.

What are the important details when painting London?

One of the most important detail when painting London is the skyline silhouette of the city. Whether it be the sleek new modern shapes of Canary Wharf or the traditional rounded dome of St. Pauls Cathedral shimmering in the ripples of the river Thames.

When painting London, capture the Briton life and elegance that breathes within the city. From the tranquility of Hyde Park, with trees of green and luscious grass blowing in the wind. Or the busy nightlife in the heart of Soho, with neon lights leading you downstairs to a smoky jazz bar packed with English people. London's variety of life, shapes, colors, and people is a must when capturing its beauty on canvas.

After all, painting isn't just pigments on a canvas or colorful gradients. A painting should invoke and capture romance and emotion.

Want more landscapes painting by numbers kits?

It is always great to re-discover different landscapes worldwide. Whether it's London, Venice, or Paris, these cities are rich with breathtaking natural landscapes.

To add a piece of these cities to your home, a London landscapes painting by numbers on canvas template or Paris painting kit can help you create a masterpiece of your own; with every brushstroke taking you back to the city. A beautiful piece of acrylic art that will surely satiate the artist in you.

Did not find your perfect London painting?

Got a photo in mind of your perfect depiction of London? Is it the Tower of London, or Buckingham Palace?

A picture of your favorite Englishman, David Beckham? If you have the perfect shot, let's breathe life into it. Our DIY custom Paint by Numbers kit provides you with everything needed to create a painting based on your favorite photo of London. In each kit, you'll get a canvas with the painting pattern of your image, a set of four brushes, a 24 or 36-pigment acrylic paint set, and an instruction guide.

Our art kits simplify everything, especially for beginner artists! We even use acrylic paint with no mixing required. The acrylic paints are in sealed paint pots, so they don't easily dry up. If they get overexposed and start to thicken, you can add a few drops of warm water. Unlike oil, acrylic is water-based. Water will do the trick.