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Lighthouse paint by numbers: the last bastion against the ocean

"Lighthouses, as the last bastion of land before the sea, are a part of that magic and are still intriguing to us today as they have been through history." - JW Purple

For a long time, lighthouses have become a subject of fascination for people of the old and the new. The first-ever authenticated lighthouse, The Lighthouse of Alexandria, was built in completion in about 280 BCE. It was considered to be a major technological triumph at that time. It stood on the island of Pharos, in the harbor area of Alexandria, to help in the navigation of Nile River ships.

Lighthouses are a thing of antiquity, yet up to date, they are still admired. They remind us of the tales of weary sailors trying to navigate through the stormy and foggy seas at night with the light rays from the lighthouses shining as their beacon of hope and guide. The modern world has advanced far behind star charts and wood fire lighthouses. Marine vessels now use GPS navigation systems.

But lighthouses are not entirely a bygone era. Lighthouses remain an important symbol of the glorious days of the maritime community. To date, lighthouses are a tourist attraction. Standing tall and proud along a difficult, rocky coastline or on top of a cliff area, tourists often climb them to admire the view.

Lighthouses, an inspiration for painters

Lighthouse had inspired painters since the 15th century when landscape paintings finally emerged as their genre. But it's not just the stunning view that always comes from it that draws artists towards it; it's what it represents and its versatility as a painting per se.

Lighthouses are a symbol of hope and tenacity. The beam of light cuts through the fog, giving hope to lonely sailors who long to dock in the harbor and be with their loved ones after a long journey across the ocean and back. It's how they stand tall and unfazed as the huge and powerful waves of ocean water crash against the boulders of rocks and reefs.

It's also the romantic story of the beautiful damsel lighting the lamp as she awaits the return of her lover from a journey abroad. Lighthouses are grand and beautiful. And the story behind them captures the hearts of those who see them.

Which technique should I use to paint a lighthouse?

There are plenty of techniques that you can use when painting a lighthouse, especially when you're using acrylic. However, techniques can vary depending on the kind of lighthouse painting you want. 

Do you want a painting of a lighthouse in the middle of a thunderstorm with huge waves crashing against it? Or a bright summer day with the lighthouse standing proud and tall against the big blue sky?

Either way, detailing is an important technique you'll need to paint the lighthouse. All the other elements of a lighthouse painting are the same as an ocean or beach painting. If you've already mastered those, painting a lighthouse is another painting element you need to add to the artwork.

Detailing is when you use a small pointed brush to add lines and details to your painting. It requires the steady hand of an artist. Precision is a must when adding these tiny details that finish the overall look of your painting.

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Did not find your perfect lighthouse DIY painting?

Got your lighthouse image that you'd like to recreate into a DIY painting? We can create a custom painting by numbers kit using your picture just for you! Our art kit has all the materials you need to create your masterpiece.

Each kit includes a rolled canvas of your template of choice, a 24/36-pigment acrylic paint set in numbered paint pots, a set of four brushes made for each type of number area you need to paint on, and a guide so you know what to do.

Our acrylic paint set has all the pigments and tones you need to complete your painting. There's no mixing needed. You have to paint them at the right numbered area, and voila, you got yourself your DIY piece of artwork! You can frame the finished painting and gift it to a loved one or yourself!