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The best seaside scenes for your Paint by Number Canvas

Seaside scenes are a classic! The shades of blue that color the ocean, the orange and pink gradient that paints the magnificent skyline as the sun rises and sets, is a great introduction to the color theory, the most fundamental artistic element in painting. The ocean paint by numbers are most beginners’ starting point when they try out painting because they are easier to follow through, especially with a painting by numbers. You have to paint the right-numbered area!

If you want to get away from the usual beach paint by numbers, the lighthouse painting by number is another seaside setting you can try. The lighthouse panorama paintings are more intricate and advanced than the usual sea and sky views. The cliff or shore area where the lighthouse sits and seawater crashes require more detail and various textures, too.

If you’re feeling more daring, the ship painting kit offers another level of complexity to every DIY painter. The visual elements of each frame require more precision, but the final product is worth it!

Green & yellow sceneries: our trees & forest selection

Forest and meadow paintings exude a different aesthetic from the common beach environment. They often give off a more solemn and mysterious vibe in contrast to the bright and summery vibe of beach paintings.

Our trees and forest selection is a great way to practice lighting and shadowing techniques that give paintings the depth and volume they need to achieve a three-dimensional artwork. These painting-by-number templates are a must-try for more advanced painters who want a challenge.

This selection of forest paint kits for adults gives you a variety of scenes and seasons to choose from. From the nostalgic orange tone of fall to the somber winter mornings by the mountains, this selection is a tribute to Mother Earth and a treat to nature lovers!

Our mountains choice is ideal then for murals

Mountain lovers will rejoice with our collection of mountains painting kits. Their majestic splendor makes them popular for wall murals and gallery displays.
If you are a more advanced painter who wants to take your painting skills to another level, this collection of mountain area paintings is the perfect way to start. It teaches great lessons on value, depth, and perspective.

There is a crazy amount of detail put into these mountain paintings, but if you follow the painting kit instructions and sink into the project, you’ll have great results! Mountains inspire greatness. You’ll undoubtedly feel great when you conquer this painting by numbers mountain template.

From European highlands to Mount Fuji, we have a variety of mountains painting kits available for you!

Countryside scenery: fields, farms, and straw bales

Take a trip down to the countryside with rural paintings that bring a wonderful feeling of serenity and home.

Our collection of countryside scenery paintings includes sunset field paintings that truly capture the beauty of nature. Who doesn’t love a sunset? Hues of pink and orange and hints of Indigo burn even brighter as the sun sets deeper and disappears from the mountain range.

We also have paintings of luscious fields of greens that remind you of cold European highlands. Our Italian painting of warm fields of golden straw bales takes you back to trips to Tuscany for summer.

Take a little bit of nature with you with our painting by numbers countryside selection!

Famous cities paintings: Paris, London, New York, or Venice

Our selection of city panorama paintings takes you around the globe, from Italy to New York! It's an entirely different environment from the country setting but just as pretty.

Our beautiful Eiffel Tower paint by number takes you to the heart of Paris, a city of beauty and art. The French garden paintings give you a sneak peek at the private life of the French country.

These urban landscapes set in London paint by number truly capture the hustle and bustle of the big city life. Urban landscapes depict real life and the daily grind. They also allow you to practice capturing motion and time in your artwork.

Painting by numbers is a great way to practice the basic visual elements in painting without constantly wondering what's next. It's stress-free art. You have to follow the pattern.

Landscapes with flowers for my Paint by Numbers Kit!

If you're feeling a bit more summery, have a go with our flowers painting by number. Flowers are intricate. Even more so when you're painting them.
The intricate contours of the lines and the shading techniques can transform a still-life flower frame into a more realistic, three-dimensional artwork.

Famous artists were inspired by their surroundings

The most distinguished artists and their most famous paintings by number are usually inspired by their surroundings. Back then, paintings were the only way to capture moments.
During the late nineteenth century, landscapes were the most popular painting subjects.

Van Gogh's most famous painting, The Starry Night, was inspired by the view of the late-night countryside from his window at an asylum in Southern France. Claude Monet's works, the father of the Impressionist movement, are mostly about nature.

Did not find your ideal landscape DIY painting? Custom one!

Got a DIY landscape painting in mind? We can make a custom paint by numbers just for you! Whatever the scene or setting you have in mind, whether it's the savannah or the Amazon forest, we can create a custom DIY kit for you.

The art kit has all the materials you need for your painting project. You will get:

  • A wrinkle-free, high-quality canvas with your custom landscape image ready to be painted
  • An acrylic paint set with all the colors at the right pigment you need to complete the painting. There is no mixing needed. It's all done and ready for you!
  • A set of 4 brushes
  • Instructions on how to create your masterpiece.

The custom kit can be made with 24 colors or 36-color versions. The 24-color set has 20-24 paint pots, and the 36-color set has 32-36. The number of paint pots varies depending on the picture that you provided. We only use acrylic for our kits as they are more versatile and are better for beginners than oil.

Get your kit now and start on this brilliant DIY painting project that will take your mind off the daily stress in life!