Collection: Sunflower Paint by Numbers

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Famous sunflowers paintings throughout the ages

Van Gogh is, to this day, one of the most famous artists to have ever lived. He was a main contributor to the impressionism art movement and dedicated most of his artwork to depicting nature in all its beauty. Today, everyone can get the chance to reproduce these paintings using flower paint by numbers painting kits.

As a painter, throughout his life, Van Gogh created an abundance of still life artwork, but one of the most famous ones was Van Gogh's Sunflower Vase. Using soft tones of yellow and orange, he painted a series of still-life representing a bouquet of sunflowers in full bloom, full of seed, which reminds one of the fragile nature of flowers.

How to paint sunflowers?

For painting sunflowers, you only need a paint pot, oil or acrylic paint, some water, and a brush. It is an easy pattern to follow for the painting process, so you don't need to be an experienced artist to try your hand at it.

As with most flowers, the best technique is to start from the inside of the flower, where the seed and pistil are, and move outwards, painting one yellow petal at a time. Sunflower petals have a tear shape, which is easy to reproduce on the canvas. Feel free to add a butterfly or insect on top of the flower to give it a realistic, lively feel.

More flowers Painting by Numbers kits?

If you think sunflowers are not your thing, then a wide range of floral DIY paint kits are available for you to choose from. You can paint anything from a tulip field lit up by the sun, still-life, a bouquet or vase of tulips or daisies, to cherry blossom trees or poppies paint kit.

Using a paint kit, you can watch plant-themed artworks flourish right before your eyes as you try your hand at them. You can feel like a florist tending to their flower shop, with many finished paintings depicting soft cherry blossoms paint by numbers or poppies, which you can show off anywhere in your house.

Did not find your perfect sunflowers DIY Painting?

If you haven’t found any sunflower art kit to suit your needs, you can create a custom paint by numbers, using any photo you want. This can turn into a nice, thoughtful gift or a way for you to represent your most treasured memories through artwork.