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Symbol of remembrance and hope for the future: the poppy

Poppies have always had a strong meaning of hope and remembrance throughout history. Their pistil is filled with seed, known to cause feelings of drowsiness. Because of that, many cultures associated poppies with sleep and peacefulness, or even death and remembering their loved ones.

The bright red gradient on each petal symbolizes courage and fierceness, and it is a pleasure for every artist to capture its fragile essence on their canvas using some acrylic or oil.

If you are trying to paint these fierce flowers, all you need is red paint full of pigment, and you will be able to create amazing artwork.

California's iconic attraction: red poppies fields in Bloom

Everyone in California must see a field of poppies at least once. The area is famous for its large, iconic poppy fields, which have attracted many painters throughout the years, looking to represent their beauty in their artwork. Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve is a great example of such a place. Once springtime comes, the valley turns into heavenlike scenery, full of red, bright flowers and life.

Seeing all these flowers in full Bloom makes for incredible scenery, and the strong perfume attracts any butterfly or insect. All the movement of insects flying around and flowers swaying in the wind creates the impression of a lively landscape full of warmth and hope.

Poppies in famous painting

Floral paintings have been trendy in the artwork of many famous artists, especially poppies, due to their fascinating colors and symbolism. Watching poppies as they grow and flourish brought a feeling of freshness and hope, which was then represented in the form of artwork.

Monet is one of the most famous painters who captured the essence of a flowerbed of poppies in full Bloom. He was famous for his floral artwork and used lots of soft colors to represent the fragility and peacefulness of nature.
If you want to have the opportunity to follow in Monet's footsteps and create something for yourself, you can look for a DIY painting by numbers for adults and get started right away!

How to paint a poppy?

You don't have to be an experienced artist to try your hand at painting poppies! All you need is a paint pot, either oil or acrylic paint, some water, and a brush.

For painting poppies, no mixing of colors is required, as all you need is your favorite shade of red and green for details. The best technique is to start from the middle of the flower, then work your way outwards, painting one petal at a time.

If you are using Poppies Paint by Numbers kit, you can easily fill in the numbered area on the canvas with the right color according to the template, then frame it and use it as a decoration or a unique gift for a loved one. 

More flowers painting by numbers kits?

If you would prefer to try something else, many other floral-themed paint sets are available. You can try out anything from a cherry blossom tree, a symbol of spring in Japanese culture, or a sunflower field or vase painting, reminiscent of summer's warmth.

Of course, you can look for any floral-themed paintings that you wish to work on, such as a flower bouquet, still-life, and landscapes.

Did not find your perfect poppies DIY painting?

You can now also order a custom-made Painting kit if you haven't found the perfect image for yourself.

Using any photo you want, this kit can be used to create paintings based on your favorite memories or a thoughtful gift for a loved one.