Collection: Cherry Blossom Paint by Numbers

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How to paint a cherry blossom?

Are you interested in becoming an artist or simply learning to paint a realistic cherry blossom tree?

Like with every painting, it is best to start by laying down the base colors on the canvas, using acrylic without much pigment. Start by painting the tree crown with dark, unsaturated pink. On top of that, you can start painting the tree branches, starting with the biggest ones and adding smaller ones as you paint.

Only then can you start adding colors such as white and different tones of pink and paint smaller clusters of leaves over the branches. For finishing touches and slightly more realism, add smaller leaves using a different shade of pink so they stand out.

Reproduce the pink trees on your painting by number canvas

If you want to bring the magic of the fragile cherry flower into your own home, then a DIY cherry trees painting kit might be a good choice for you. You only need a paint pot, oil or acrylic, a brush, and water. Use the paint set’s canvas to color each numbered area with the right color, according to the pattern. There is no mixing of colors involved, so you can easily finish the painting using the set’s given colors.

You don’t have to be an artist to use floral kits, as the template is easy to understand. Once you finish your painting, frame the canvas and place it in your house or give it away as a thoughtful, unique gift. The flourishing cherry blossom trees will bring a touch of elegance to any room they are placed in.

More flowers painting by numbers kits?

Perhaps you are also interested in other types of floral artwork. If that is the case, you can look for any flower DIY kit that sparks your interest, be it a tulip, daisy, or sunflowers full of seed.

If you prefer vivid colors such as red, you can choose a set of blooming poppies, whose color represents courage and hope.

You can also try to paint a sunflower vase if you love their beautiful colors, reminiscent of the warmest summer days. Another great choice could be a field of daisies, representing fragility and elegance.

Did not find your perfect cherry blossom tree DIY painting?

If you are looking for something more personal, you can create a custom Paint by Numbers, using any photo you want. This is the perfect kit for a nice, thoughtful gift or representing your most precious memories through artwork.