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Vincent Van Gogh is among the most famous and influential painters. Here's your chance to paint your very own version of van Gogh and experience the whole post-impressionist movement.

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Famous Van Gogh Paintings by Numbers

If you're unfamiliar with van Gogh's art, it might be because you didn't know it was his work. You might even have a copy hanging somewhere in your house. Van Gogh has painted hundreds of paintings. Known as the Dutch Impressionist painter, his artworks are not as precise and are more abstract in that they don't represent something in detail but in the impression of the object by using light and colors. The technique used by van Gogh is also very recognizable and famous.

One of his most recognized works is Starry Night painting by number that represents a beautiful village in the night with a sky full of stars. Van Gogh loved stargazing at night; he would dream his life away by looking at the sky.

Another incredibly famous van Gogh painting is The Irises. His love for nature was clear and could be perceived in his work. The artist would spend days in the beautiful Provence to get his inspiration. He would paint colorful flowers and landscapes with colors that only he knew how to create.

Café Terrace At Night is a big success as well and will give all his fame to the French café where van Gogh used to go. It has evolved, but if you are in the area, you will easily recognize the street and the café. Don't hesitate to go for a quick (or longer) coffee in his memory.

Van Gogh's Art and crafts therapies

Many people worked on Vincent van Gogh's mental health and tried to analyze it through his artworks. The artist is said to have been manic depressive or having bipolar syndromes.

This diagnostic has been made by analyzing the letters van Gogh would write to his brother Theo; in their exchanges, van Gogh would go through different emotional phases, from very happy to utterly melancholic; specialists tend to explain these mood changes by his mental health. Moreover, other members of his family have suffered from depression.

Van Gogh was also an alcoholic who had an addiction to hallucinogenic absinthe. That would lead the artist to act in unreasonable ways and could also explain how he tried to drink all his paints.

Starry Night Paint by Numbers

The most recognizable and famous painting by numbers from Vincent van Gogh is Starry Night, created in 1888, the analysis of this work is mesmerizing. It represents what the artist could see from his asylum room in France.

Fascinated by the cosmic and the stars, this painting represents the explosion in the sky, representing the untouchable cosmic contrasting with the regularity of the village painted as he imagined it.

The town was imaginative, as were the mountains and probably the olive trees that the artist loved to paint. It is an idyllic representation of the things he admired and liked. The fascination that van Gogh had for the cosmic, the stars, and the sky can be seen in his last paintings. Vincent van Gogh died in 1890.

Van Gogh self numeral portraits

Vincent van Gogh suffered from depression his whole life, which affected his art. His self-portrait is seen as a very treasured piece of art since it reflects on his mental health and the way he perceived himself and his connection to the outside world, especially in his latest one before he left the South of France.

One of his most famous self-portraits is the tone where he painted himself with a bandage on the ear he cut. This well-known story about van Gogh cutting his ear is still debated. Some people say he didn't; it would have been an argument with Paul Gauguin, who cut van Gogh's ear. Some say that he cut his ear himself, which could be explained by an audition disease he might have been suffering from, leading him to hear loud noises permanently.

Each artist has their very unique style and signature; for van Gogh, self-portraits were a way to see himself and express his feelings (for Claude Monet paint by numbers, it was the Waterlily Pond).