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Claude Monet has revolutionized the art world and art as we see it today. Breaking with the ancient codes that were in practice then, he wanted to capture nature as it appeared to him, this is why he was criticized for his works.

He was breaking all the accepted codes in art and painting and introducing a new way to perceive and paint nature. Many rejected his way of thinking. However, he was at the origin of Modern Art and was considered an Avant-Gardist, influencing majorly how art has evolved since then.

His first painting, ‘Impression, Sunrise’, was finished in 1872 and will name the movement that Monet created, impressionism. Claude Monet is known for his many series of paintings, from flowers (Poppies) to ponds to beaches (Beach At Sainte Adresse, Monet would play with light and shadow to recreate the incredible landscapes without mixing rs.

The Water Lily Pond 1899

One of Claude Monet’s most outstanding works is the Pond series. The artist was absolutely fascinated by nature, he would import water lilies from all around the world, to keep them but also sell them.

The Water Lily Pond is that famous because it is his own garden, the pond represented is in his home in France in Giverny. The house is open to visitors today to go and admire the artist’s workplace, garden, and home.

Monet is famous for painting outdoors; there’s even a representation of him by Renoir painting outside. Claude Monet created a quiet garden where he would spend most of his time painting. He spent a lot of money importing waterlilies from South America and Egypt. He also imported the Japanese footbridge that is represented in his Water Lily Pond painting.

Claude Monet spends a lot of time outdoors, trying to capture these different lights of the day.

Monet and the Impressionists

Claude Monet was a pioneer in the Impressionist movement and the philosophy of it. He developed his plain-air technique of landscape paint by number, which he is famous for. He disagreed with the way art was taught in schools and with the techniques of that time.

He would much rather sit outside, capture nature, and try to reproduce it, but how he would see it. Claude Monet would recreate landscapes by making little strokes with his paintbrush and feeling the light, the shadows, and the silhouettes.

The artist will be later diagnosed with cataracts and will eventually undergo surgery that will allow him to perceive the different colors again.

Claude Monet is a real influencer in art, leaving a major trace on everything we do today.