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Types of portraits

If you want to try painting portraits, then the good news is that you can choose from plenty of styles. You can draw a sketch or add color to your drawing from any angle, frontal or profile.

Some people prefer painting realistic portraits. Still, there are plenty of alternatives: you can paint caricature or cartoon portraits, silhouettes, or abstract portraits.

What paint to use for portraits?

For paintings, you can use a paint pot of either acrylic or oil paints, as they both have advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic paint tends to dry quicker on the canvas, while oil dries slower and is better for blending any area. Oils also have more pigment in them, making your artwork more vivid.

However, most artists use acrylic paint due to it being easier to use and taking less time to dry, so they can frame it as fast as possible and show it off.

It is really up to your preference, but it is better to be familiar with how to use each type of paint before getting started.

Famous portraits

Portraits have been a subject in the artwork of many painters throughout history. Many artists worked on predominantly female portraits representing their soft features, fragility, and beauty.

Perhaps one of history's most famous and referenced portraits is La Joconde, or Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo DaVinci during the Renaissance. It has become such an iconic painting due to the mysterious portrayal of a woman of unknown identity. The dark gradient also helps keep the mysterious tone of this painting. Many people visit the Louvre Museum in Paris every year to see this piece of art with their own eyes.

Even if most of the time artists paint other subjects, they sometimes choose to paint themselves through self-portrait art. It is the case of Vincent VanGogh with his “Self-portrait with Felt Hat” (1888) or Frida Kahlo and her “Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird” (1940).

Portraits are not always about painting. One of the most famously known photo portraits is “Afghan Girl” by Steve McCurry, representing a young defiant Afghan girl" with amazing green eyes.

Did not find your perfect DIY portrait painting?

If you are not interested in a portrait paint set, you can always create a DIY custom paint by numbers kit for yourself, using any pho"o you want. Make this the perfect gift for a loved one, or use it to have fun while painting your favorite images.