Collection: Free Letter Painting Ideas

The Winnie’s team is happy to present his Advent Calendar: a Painting Alphabet

Every day until December 24th, we will post on our website a free letter that you can paint. At the end of the month, you can write lovely words with the painting letters to create a Christmas mood...

Flowers on your paint by numbers

The flowers are very popular among art lovers: fresh bouquets in a vase, colored fields in summer, or vintage decor. As you can see, Flowers paint by numbers have been mastered by the most prestigious artists in the history of art. For example, Van Gogh loved sunflowers, Monet had a passion for Poppies, and Renoir painted a lot of roses. A lot of artists have a fascination for flowers and revisit that subject.

Animal kingdom to paint

Birds, dogs, cats, exotic animals… The animal kingdom is known for its rich diversity. With paint by numbers, you have the opportunity to recreate a natural atmosphere: the wildlife. Animals paint by numbers is a collection that includes all the different species from the animal kingdom available to paint by numbers. For example, birds in the garden or an elephant on an African safari. You can paint a great variety of these cute creatures. But you can also paint a quiet landscape on a farm or a sleeping rabbit in the countryside. With paint by numbers, all scenes are possible.

Paint by number sets vintage

Vintage can be perceived as an old-fashioned style of decoration and painting, that brings you nostalgia in the images and tones used. The vintage paint by numbers kits are very important because of their history and their origin of it. In the mid-’50s in the US, painting by numbers was an incredibly trendy movement and activity for Americans. Half the population would decorate their home with a painting that was made with a paint by numbers kit.

To paint like famous painters

With paint by numbers, everything is possible! For example, you can paint great master paintings like “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh or the “Water Lilies” series by Claude Monet. You can relive these incredible paintings with van Gogh's paint by numbers or Claude Monet Paint By Numbers. Art has always been a big part of our history; it is a way to see how contemporaries perceived their era and the world around them.

Landscape paintings to decorate your house

The variety of landscapes that you can find all over the globe makes it very unique and special at the same time. Landscape painting by numbers is a magnificent way to discover all the nature: mountains, cities, oceans, countryside… around the world.

Abstract and Modern paints by numbers: A Different Art

Our modern paint by numbers templates capture the real essence of modern art and help all the artists to ameliorate their practice.

The beginning of Abstract Art can be traced back to the Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Cubism movements when artists began to realize that art can be nonrepresentational.

With abstract art, you can use shapes, colors, lines, and patterns to represent others that you see. Essentially, Abstract Art is separating from any literal, representational reference points that make the art. It is art in free form.

How difficult are adults paint by numbers?

- Paint sets for beginners

Painting by number is a perfect activity to discover the art world. But it’s also a hobby to share with our family because there are different difficulty levels. An easy paint by numbers for adults is a paint set that is made with fewer details and with bigger spaces to paint. This way, completing your artwork takes less time and less precision.

- Experienced artists

If you are looking for a challenge, this collection is for you! There are canvases with more techniques and texture. Take your painting skills to an all-new level with our advanced Paint by Numbers collection.

What artwork size is available for senior paint by number kits?

We also have a variety of Large Paint by Numbers that will make sure to bring out the artist within you! It is like creating your own masterpiece, but the easier way. Better yet, it is the first step towards creating your own masterpiece. We have paintings that go as large as 27.5in x 55in.