Collection: Abstract Paint by Numbers

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Why choose an abstract Paint by Numbers kit?

Abstract art destroys the concept that every painting needs to be hyper-realistic to be appreciated. Art is meant to be experimental; anyone can express themselves through it.

Using a paint by numbers kit is meant to do just that: bring art closer to people who desire to create artwork and use it as a relaxing hobby, even if they are simply beginners.

Since abstract art is about freedom, you might enjoy getting your DIY abstract paint by number art kit. Using a simple paint set template, you can follow in the footsteps of famous abstract artists and express yourself through suggestive lines and colors.

What is abstract art?

Abstract art is one of history's most prominent art movements, coming from the earliest human cultures. Realism and using real-life references became popular much later in history, as in the beginning, humans expressed themselves using simple shapes, lines, and colors.

Abstract art is called 'non-figurative art', meaning that the subject of a painting may not always be instantly recognizable from a first glance on the canvas. By using irregular brush strokes or dripping paint, you can create art as full of symbolism as a realistic painting.

By far, abstract painting became most known in the early 20th century, when painters such as Picasso and Kandinsky pioneered the popularization of this art movement.

What is needed for abstract painting?

If you've read until now, then perhaps you are considering getting started on painting abstract art. Fortunately, you don't need to spend a fortune on art supplies. All you need is a paint pot (either oil or acrylic), a brush, and water, and you can become an artist as well!

If you decide to use a DIY paint by numbers kit, then it will be an easy process from start to finish. Simply use your brush and color in the numbered area using acrylic paint. Since no mixing of colors is required, you can use the ones in the set. They have enough pigment to make sure your finished painting stands out in any room you choose to place it in.

Famous abstract painters

Abstract art saw a huge increase in popularity in the early 20th century, especially with the appearance of movements such as cubism. Picasso is the most influential cubist, setting the tone for this movement with his incredible artwork. His paintings showed many real-life elements broken into pieces and reconstructed in various surprising shapes and gradients.

Another influential abstract painter was Mondrian, who truly changed how many people thought about art. He only used red, blue, yellow, and rectangular shapes to depict ideas in his own interpretation.

Later on, abstract art was used as inspiration in other movements, such as pop art, which used art elements from the media to represent how mundane real life seemed compared to art.

Should I frame my abstract paint kit?

If you've already started your paint by numbers with a frame but you are unsure how to frame your finished product, you're in the right place. Frames can be found easily online, but you need to make sure you find the right size for your canvas.

Afterward, you can hang the framed artwork in any area in your house, or you can give it away to someone as a thoughtful, unique gift.

Did not find your perfect abstract DIY painting?

If abstract paintings are not your thing, you can always create a custom paint by numbers kit for yourself, using any photo you want. Make this the perfect gift for a loved one, or use it to have fun while painting your favorite images.