How to Paint Butterflies Easily - Top 15 Ideas for Beginners

Painting is a fun and easy way of expressing yourself and seeing the world from a different perspective. It is the application of color or pigment on a surface and can take several forms, such as:

  • Nature art is a painting of natural elements such as trees, mountains, forests, and rivers.
  • Figure painting where the subject of the image is a human, whether clothed or nude.
  • Custom handmade artworks where you can turn your photos into paintings.

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced”

- Vincent Van Gogh

Painting has several benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Promoting mental health:  Painting can generate a happy mood for the artist and those who view their work. Appreciation by others creates a sense of pride and increases self-esteem.

  • Boosts memory skills: Memory recollection skills and mind sharpening are some of the many benefits of painting.

  • Emotional growth: Pouring out emotions via painting helps people take stock of their feelings and come to terms with them.

  • Home decoration: Paintings of any form add class to an environment and are perfect for -almost- any setting. Additionally, what if it is your own artwork?

  • Enhances abilities: Painting amplifies problem-solving and motor skills.

Materials Needed to Start Painting

Before giving you a list of easy butterfly paintings, let's cover the list of tools you'll probably need for your project.

Let's get started with: 

  1. A canvas or watercolor paper,
  2. Paint colors,
  3. Paintbrushes,
  4. A color mixing palette,
  5. An easel -it's always good to take care of your back,
  6. A pencil or a pen,
  7. An Eraser,
  8. Some water, and cleaning paper. 

Stunning easy butterflies painting ideas

Is butterfly painting easy?

I bet you it is! Follow one tutorial listed below and you'll definitely agree with me!

1. Flight of a Monarch Butterfly in Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers is coloring inside lines with a paintbrush, and you don’t need any prior knowledge to create these. Even if you have no idea about this craft but want to make something beautiful, painting by numbers works for you.

All the tools you need are provided in your kit and all you need to do is dive in. The painting by numbers kit allows even the most inexperienced DIYselfers to partake in the joys of painting. All you have to do is to paint each numbered area, and try not to go over the edges 😄

This painting shows the life cycle of a butterfly from growth through the caterpillar stage till it becomes a flying and wonderful insect.

2. Peach and Orange Butterfly in the Summer

This picture deceptively conveys summer through vibrant colors to portray the flowers. The paint by numbers kit makes this project very easy. 

If you want to decorate your home with something beautiful, you should try this beautiful butterfly.

3. A Monarch with beautiful butterfly wings

The beautiful Monarch is a favorite and straightforward painting. We would look at another way of capturing this beauty on canvas. If you love a pink background, this might be the one for you!

4. Acrylic Easy Butterfly

How to paint an orange butterly

We will now consider an easy acrylic butterfly painting for all beginners. It was initially created for children, but it also works for painting newbies. This painting is created on canvas using bold colors and lots of... orange! How surprising is that?!

The step-by-step tutorial can be found here.

5. Watercolor Paint

This is a great way to get introduced to watercolors. You will love watching the colors come together and seeing the final result.

A detailed tutorial can be found on Art by Carol May

Watercolor painting tutorial of a butterfly

6. A blue-colored one resting on a Sunflower

A blue butterfly resting on a Sunflower painting

Have you wondered how a butterfly relaxing on a sunflower would look? Well, you just might get your wish. You are not just going to see it but also learn how easy it is to render it on paper using acrylic paint.

Here you go with a detailed explanation.

7. Crazy Colorful Butterfly

Crazy beautiful butterfly painting tutorial for kids

A crazy beautiful butterfly is just what you need after a hectic day. The blend of vibrant colors provides an interesting contrast with the background, making it easy on the eyes.

Even though it's a painting for kids, this step-by-step painting tutorial can be followed by anyone -I've done it- looking to depict abstract butterflies.

Find the tutorial for this easy butterfly painting here

8. Easy Butterfly for Beginners - Video tutorial

You will find a straightforward butterfly painting curated specifically for beginners.

9. Swallowtail Butterfly

Painting tutorial of a swallowtail butterfly

This particular butterfly is known for its distinctive tail, hence the Swallowtail name.

White paint and black paint are the basics, but the most important is to use the colors you want. With your paint palette, a canvas, and a flat brush, get ready to easily make your own masterpiece!

A detailed tutorial using acrylic on canvas can be found here.

10. Blue Peacock Butterfly

Peacock butterflies are beautiful and more so on in a painting. An easy tutorial has been provided for you here.

Painting tutorial of a peacock butterfly

11. Easy Acrylic Butterfly Painting

Check out the major types of easy acrylic paintings with this detailed video instruction.

12. Abstract Painting of Butterflies in Flight

This is a portrait of butterflies in flight done on canvas. Just follow the tips and with the edge of your brush, you'll have an abstract butterfly painting.

13. Step-by-step Butterfly

How to paint an orange butterfly

The tutorial also shows how to draw your butterfly using pencil sketches and how to transfer it to your painting surface.

This tutorial can be found on Bonnie Cat Designs.

14. Butterfly Symmetry Painting

We cannot get enough of these symmetric paintings, and this is an extremely easy one for beginners and professionals alike. Check out this tutorial for beginners to understand better.

15. Butterfly on a Rock

Painting butterfly on a rock

Last but not least is a very beautiful painting done on an unusual surface – rock! Find how to carry out this butterfly on a rock on this page.

More Natural Painting Ideas

Flower paintings

If you're looking for a blossom artwork that's beginner-friendly,  ready to use, and surprisingly relaxing. Whether you're an artist, a crafter, or just enjoy art, there are a lot of chances you'll love these craft kits. I'm not kidding you!

Want to express your style and compose beautiful flowers? Discover these flower paint by numbers DIY kits.

Sunflower paint by numbers are ideal with their burst of vibrant color. You can get a paint kit to try it out or get one from a friend.

Easy Things to Paint

We have also provided a list of easy-to-start painting projects apart from butterflies which you can try out first if you are unsure.

Click here to discover other painting activities.

Easy Abstract Face Painting

Why not try out a painting of yourself using our paint by numbers kit made exclusively for this. You will be surprised at how professional it looks when you are done. See for yourself.

Having seen all the choices available, why not pick up your favorite painting and dive in? 

Comment below with the one you've tried, and other painting techniques you could be interested in!

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