Welcome to March Craft

A Month of Art and Creativity!

We've created Four Themed Weeks each promoting a new topic designed to spark your artistic side. Discover what's new each week by immersing yourself in an artistic universe where a new story unfolds.

Join us in this journey and be prepared to get crafty !

Week #4 : Kids' Week

Ready to sprinkle some extra fun into your March? We're celebrating 'Kid's Craft Week'! It's the perfect time to connect, laugh, and paint with your little ones.

With every adult kit you choose, we're delighted to offer a kid's paint set at 40% off.

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Here’s to crafting memories that will last a lifetime!

Week #3 : Earth Week

Happy Earth Week, Crafters!

Spring is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than by dedicating this week to our magnificent planet?

As part of our Craft Month festivities, we’re embarking on a journey of eco-conscious creativity. This Earth Week, let's blend artistry with advocacy, crafting a week that’s as kind to our planet as it is beautiful.

Crafting a Greener Tomorrow

In addition to using FSC-compliant packaging and reduce the use of plastics, we also take action to paint a better future for our planet.

  • Fight_global_warming

    climate positive workforce

  • Plant_a_tree

    of carbon reduction

  • Tree_975a990b-efb6-443f-8a0f-d773def87477

    planted in Winnie's Picks forest

Your Planet, Your Story

How are you making a positive impact on our planet? Share your sustainable living tips and eco-friendly crafts with us on social media and inspire others!

Week #2 : Why do YOU paint?

This week, we are all about celebrating what pushes us to use that brush! As an appreciation of arts and crafts, enjoy crafters in the community sharing with us their WHY!

We also want to celebrate the movements throughout history that got us here.  

Oh yeah, the answer to the quiz!

  1. B - Surrealism
  2. D - Cube Art 

We've created a spunky, short video that takes a quick dive into these periods and the painter!

Week #1 : Girls Power

For the first week, and in honor of International Women's Rights Day on March 8th, we will highlight three women who have made history through their courage, determination, and fight for equality.

First Lady Michelle

Michelle Obama became the first Black First Lady of the United States alongside her husband, the 44th President.

She focused on education and health initiatives during her time in the White House.

Globally, she advocated for girls' education and gender equality. Beyond her tenure, Obama continues to empower women and youth.

As you paint, remember her inspiring legacy of grace and strength.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

Ginsburg was a trailblazer for women's rights. Appointing to the Supreme Court in 1993, she became a powerful voice for justice and fairness, known for her influential dissenting opinions.

As we paint Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we remember each stroke honors her legacy.

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Rosa's Reverence

Rosa parks was a courageous American activist known for her pivotal role in the civil rights movement. Her refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man in 1955 sparked the Montgomery bus boycott, a significant event in the fight for equality.

As we paint, we honor Parks' legacy of bravery and resilience.

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