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Birds and Sunflowers

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$28.95 USD
Size16x32in (40x80cm)

Summer is all about warmth, flowers in full bloom, lush greenery, and nature in its liveliest form. The painting Birds and Sunflowers evokes just that, through a vast, green field of sunflowers in which two brightly colored birds take a short rest while bathing in the sun’s warm afternoon rays. 

For many people, sunflowers are a symbol of summer, with a petal crown resembling the beautiful sun, and colors that remind one of the holidays spent in nature. Fields of yellow sunflowers are one of the most iconic summer sceneries, enriched by the sunlight and the songs of birds flying around all day.

Summer is all about energy and liveliness, but also about taking a rest from daily worries and enjoying nature, and that is perfectly illustrated in this painting. In the middle, two small birds are painted using beautiful, vivid tones of blue and red, as they are resting on top of two sunflowers in full bloom. The flowers are all painted in bright yellows and greens which continue into the background, creating the illusion of a large field spreading beyond the viewer’s eye. This scene of two passive birds in a sunny afternoon is a perfect representation of lazy days during the summer.

This large paint by numbers is perfect for all those who want to feel the coziness and warmth of summer days, with a sunflower field and colorful birds flying around in the sunlight. The canvas is larger in size, so you can make sure to see every beautiful detail on the painting perfectly. 

Frequently asked questions

Why you'll love paint by numbers

- It's an amazing way to relax and to take your mind off of your daily stress.
- Create your own masterpiece to decorate your home.
- It's fun, easy, and makes for a wonderful gift!

What's in the art kit?

- High-quality linen canvas rolled in a strong tube - Certified wrinkle-free (see the size above).
- Acrylic paint set - No need to mix the colors & more than enough paint to complete the painting.
- Set of 4 brushes - You can start painting straight from the box.
- Complete painting instructions - Perfect for beginners.

Why buy from us?

- The final result of each paint by numbers available at Winnie's Picks will look exactly as the picture shown above.
- Customer satisfaction is our N°1 priority - See what our clients say about us and please contact us for any questions. We're happy to help!
- Each canvas is rolled in a cardboard tube and our regular paintings are shipped with DHL from California.
- We're a registered company that sells licensed artwork from artists and pays taxes.

Customer Reviews

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Sheri Dwernychuk (High River, CA)

This is my third painting. Starting to add my own style to them. So relaxing
Great product