How to take a good picture

We want to see you smile once you’ve spent hours painting your beautiful masterpiece. For that, we need you, make sure to read through all the steps to get the perfect shot so we can turn it into the perfect paint by numbers!

We do not offer refunds nor returns if the wrong artwork is uploaded. So please make sure to upload a good quality photo.

Keep in mind that we are working with the picture you are uploading, so we won’t be able to make someone smile if they aren’t or change the colors of the original picture. If a picture is dark, the painting will most definitely be dark, we can’t add colors nor light.

Follow the tips below when choosing the picture you'll use. If you aren't able to follow these steps exactly, don't worry! We have a dedicated team who check all orders and photos as they come in.

If your photo can't be used by our designers, we'll let you know within 24 hour of receiving your order, and help you choose a more suitable one!

  • High-quality closeups with good lighting & contrast work best.
  • Avoid blurry pictures, bad lighting, strong shadows & backlightings.
  • Take your photo at eye level with your subject(s).
  • Make sure the entire face(s) are in the photo and are not out of frame.
  • Make sure that the face(s), chest(s), and/or the whole pet(s), are distinct from the background.

See the examples below

Natural Lighting gives the best results!

Close Up is best 

Close Up is best 

Make sure you have a plain background

More good pictures