2023 Craft Holiday Gift Guide

As the season to be jolly comes around each year, are you guilty of questioning whether the perfect gift exists?


After all, it is the time to spread joy and express gratitude. The special people in your life deserve something worthwhile. Perhaps you want this gift-giving season to be different and more memorable.


Well, imagine this: a cozy living room with soft holiday tunes playing in the background. In traditional holiday fashion, warm excitement fills the air as you hand over a beautifully wrapped, highly anticipated gift. What's inside? A gateway to artistic bliss—a Winnie's Picks paint kit. Or, a finished painting, custom, ready to be decked in the hall of the recipient's home.

Either way, the canvas is not just a present; it's the opening to a world of creative potential, and there’s no better time to get such an invitation than during the holiday season.

Together, let's explore the realm of paintings that have enchanted the homes of many as gifts.

The Perfect Gift Does Exist. Customize It For Your Beloved Ones.

In a world full of gift options, finding something truly unique can be a real challenge. We all want to give our loved ones something special that captures the essence of our relationships.


Sabrina found a gift that was not just unique but also filled with sentimental value. She said: “My intention for the most recent holiday season was to gift my dad a painted rendition of one of my dad's favorite photographs of him and me taken roughly 23 years ago when I was about three years old. However, I wanted to make it special by painting it myself.

Custom sentimental gift for a dad

My dad is a sentimental person and enjoys receiving gifts that are thoughtful and orchestrated. Much like many parents and caregivers, ideally, he'd rather have quality time with his children in lieu of receiving materialistic items”.


“I share this sentiment with him, as it's symbolic of the nature of our relationship, exudes contentment, and reminds me of simpler times”.


Ah, what a heartwarming story you've shared! 🎨 It's incredible how a single photograph can hold so much sentimental value and nostalgia. The journey you've embarked on to create a unique gift for your dad is a testament to your love and dedication.


Your dad must be so proud, Sabrina! At least, I believe he should be 😀 And THANK YOU soooo much for sharing this wonderful story! 🥰


Below are other heartwarming stories from fellow customers who've turned their sentimental moments into art using paint by numbers. Grab your cup of coffee (or tea!) and settle in for some seriously touching and creative tales that'll make you want to pick up a paintbrush ASAP! 🖌️☕

Holiday Gifts for the Parents!

“I wanted to give meaningful and thoughtful gifts to my parents this Christmas. Thanks, Winnie's Picks, for creating detailed paintings of each of my grandparents for me to paint! I can’t believe how great they turned out.”
By Laura Krupar

Holiday Gifts for the Parents!

A special moment captured forever!!

“Purchased this paint by numbers for a photo with lots of meaning to me and my partner personally. The detail was brilliant 🤩 We are super pleased with the end result and are excited to frame and hang it proudly! Was a really brilliant Christmas gift, too!”
By Kayla Urbanski

We've heard incredible stories about people turning their cherished memories into unique art pieces. Now, it's time to explore the magic of standard kits and how they can make for thoughtful and creative presents


Whether they were an aspiring artist or just looking for a fun way to surprise someone they cared about, they found a way to unravel the beauty of paint by numbers as gifts. 🖌️✨

Meaningful Masterpieces You Made: A Terrific Craft Holiday Gift

Four birds on a birch tree branch

This was to be a gift for my wife of 65 years. She passed away before I completed the painting. She did enjoy observing my progress throughout the project. The four birds now overlook the kitchen table. I am very pleased with the result even though it took longer than anticipated.”
By Gerald Peterson

Unique gift for my wife of 65 years

Christmas Magic

“Love the product. It's such high quality! I have completed five paintings from Winnie's and have even started giving them as gifts. It was so nice to offer this Christmas paint set. But this beauty will be gracing my wall for many holiday seasons to come.”
By Mari McCarthy

Christmas Magic

Time to switch things up, folks! We've seen the magic of finished paint by numbers as gifts, but now, let's explore the charm of giving someone a paint kit itself. 🎨🎁 


It's like gifting them a canvas of possibilities, a creative adventure waiting to happen. Ready to discover how this DIY gift can unlock artistic talents and bring smiles? 

A Gift to Inspire and Relax a Crafty Friend

Love doing the paint by numbers

“I enjoyed every minute of painting this picture. I never thought at my age I would do a paint by number, but my nephew gifted me this picture to do. At times, it was tense because I couldn’t see the numbers, but I persevered, and I just loved the outcome. In fact, I’ve ordered one for myself. Keep up the good work producing these kids for all of us folks out here.”
By Carol Conover

Love doing the paint by numbers

Fun Christmas gift

“I got my first paint by number on Christmas Day. Santa left it in my stocking on Christmas morning! It was a lot of fun learning how to paint. The French Bulldog paint kit was challenging for me, but I had a lot of fun painting it and seeing the finished product!”
By Delaney Baker

Fun Christmas Gift

And there you have it, a glimpse into the beautiful world of paint by numbers as unique craft gifts for the holiday season. Whether you surprise someone special with a finished masterpiece that holds sentimental value or opt for the crafty offering of a paint by numbers kit, the beauty lies in the personal touch and creativity it brings to the holiday season.


Now, if you're itching to embark on your own paint by numbers journey or looking to make someone's holiday special with this creative craft, we've got you covered.


You can explore a wide range of paint by numbers kits on this collection page, each ready to ignite your artistic spark or delight a loved one. 


So, what are you waiting for? Let's craft some holiday memories and create lasting moments together! 🎨🎁✨

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