Collection: Kids Paint by Numbers

Shop for Kids Paint by Numbers kits. Unleash a world of color and creativity with our Whimsical Wonders paint kits specially crafted for the imaginative minds of children. This enchanting collection invites young artists into an easy-to-follow artistic adventure, perfect for budding Picassos aged seven and up!

Paint by numbers for children

Children aged from 7+ years old now have the possibility to create their very own Winnie's masterpiece and to enjoy hours of fun painting!

How old do you have to be for paint by numbers?

Our paint sets were designed for kids of 7+ years old but it doesn't mean younger kids aren't allowed to paint them. If your child is younger and patient, meticulous, and enjoy coloring, there are chances he'll be ready to try a paint by numbers!

As for the upper limit, teens, adults and seniors can also enjoy this project. Each team member at Winnie's Picks finished its own canvas and, everyone LOVED it :D