The relaxing power of paint by numbers

The Relaxing Power of Paint by Numbers for Adults

Did you know that researchers of the American Art Therapy Association found that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body?

While there are dozens of creative ideas to choose from, today we'll focus on paint by numbers and see how they can support your health and make you happier.

So as to give you a reliable and sincere answer, we’ve decided to ask our experienced customers why this hobby was so great. Hundreds of feedbacks later, we drew up a list of 5 reasons you'll love paint by numbers. Believe us, it's - almost - scientifically proven 😁

An amazing way to relax

Relaxing is the word that always comes up when talking to PBN -Paint by Numbers- aficionados.
It's an amazing way to take your mind off of everyday stress. No wonder why we often read that it offers great therapeutic values !

Paris - Paint by Numbers for Adults

Feel accomplished at the end

Have you ever quilted a huge quilt ? Ran a marathon ? Done something long and difficult ?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you'll understand the rewarding feeling of accomplishment you can get when crossing the finish line. Since it can take up to dozens of hours to finish a painting, you feel so satisfied when completing a canvas.

Field of Daisies - Paint by Numbers for Adults

Become a real artist

The best thing about Paint by Numbers is that you don't even have to be creative. All you have to do is to match the number of the paint to the number on the canvas and Voilà !
You just made an amazing piece of art :)

Abstract Colorful Cat - Paint by Numbers for Adults

Decorate your house with your art

It's now time to hang it and admire a composition that wouldn't exist if you didn't take the time, the effort and the willingness to make it.

If you're looking for something more unique, you can even turn your pet photo to a paint by numbers
Your piece of art can also make up for an awesome gift for someone you love!

The Red Umbrella - Paint by Numbers for Adults

Get social

Did you know that many PBNers organize painting evenings with friends? Who doesn’t love the company of others? Friend groups, local gatherings or social media – it’s so much fun to share ideas, get advice, and compare canvas!

Winnie's Cottage - Paint by Numbers for Adults

Want to join the club and give it a try? It's easy, just check out our catalog to find the canvas you'd like to paint 😉

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My favorite is the daisies!

Lisa Harris

Love very much paint by number, I already have 10 painting of it

Margriet Ajoe

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