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  • Paint By Numbers Adults Red Truck by the River
  • Painting By Number - Red Truck in the wild with a man fishing
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Couple of Old Timers

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Size16x24in (40x60cm)

Couple of Old Timers by Anthony J Padgett is a large paint by numbers for adults showing an old red truck by the river. The artist's passion for nature that surrounds him can be perceived through his work.

This vintage paint by numbers takes you to a wild afternoon where a man has parked his truck to go fishing in the river. It is a clear day with just a few clouds about, the river is quiet and no one is around. This represents the simple nature that surrounds us all year long. Couple of Old Timers comes from the spirit of the paint.

Anthony J Padgett is an artist from Indiana (US) specialized in wildlife. He loves taking photographs of landscapes, nature, animals, wildlife that will eventually, later on, show in a painting. 

He has started his collaboration with Winnie’s Picks recently. This collaboration is a way for his fan to reproduce his art but also a good way for other people who wouldn’t know him to discover the artist’s work.

His paintings are great for wildlife amateurs and landscapes lovers. Anthony J Padgett likes to create a connection between the viewer, the artwork, and the artist. The canvases are colorful and bright with a vintage touch to them. He works with oil, acrylics, and watercolors.

This art on canvas is a way to escape from your routine to dream of faraway lands while painting away. This is high-quality canvas with personalized paint made for this very unique painting that will make sure to take you to a beautiful place.

Anthony Padgett

Anthony has a deep passion for nature and photography. He finds immense joy in taking long walks in the wilderness, basking in the warmth of the sun. From a young age, Anthony possessed a natural talent for drawing, which was honed by his mother, who was an artist with a strong creative streak.

Did you know? Anthony enjoys spending time with individuals who have little or no experience in painting, helping them to add the final touches to their artwork.

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Anthony Padgett

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
C.A. (Surrey, CA)
Couple of old timers

Bought this for my husband. He found the paint set to be of wonderful quality. The paint and canvas.
He loved doing it and wants another one.
Would definitely order from you again.

K.V.W. (Grandville, US)
My dad LOVED his gift!

This was my first Winnie's Picks PBN and it won't be my last! I LOVED the creamy paint. It turned out so great. I painted this for my dad's 84th birthday. He loves fishing and his very first truck was an old red truck just like this. I made some changes to the front of the truck just so that it would look like his. He cried when he received it. Thank you for this great kit! Looking forward to my next one!

P.C. (Tampa, US)
A couple of old timers

This was a great one for my collection

Betsy Cartney (Fort Myers, US)
Couple of old timers

I had A lot of fun painting this. Great product.

One Artist Canvas
One Reference Sheet
Four Paintbrushes
One Acrylic Paint Set
Finished Painting's Photo
Complete Instructions

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Couple of Old Timers