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La librairie de Winnie

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$24.95 USD
Prix habituel
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$24.95 USD
Taille 40x50cm

Devanture d'un magasin de livres en ville. Le charme désuet de cette peinture vintage donnera un look vintage à n'importe quel intérieur. Tout le matériel nécessaire est inclus dans le kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
M.S. (Amarillo, US)
Winnies bookshop

I ventured away from Winnies in search of a less expensive pbn kit. What I found was poor quality and poor customer service. I’m so glad Winnie’s Book Shop caught my eye. It reminds of a hometown book store I went to as a child and my heart and mind are flooded with wonderful memories. Thank you Winnies for providing a quality kit at a fair price. On to the next one!

K.G. (Dublin, IE)
Winnie's Book Store

Part of the reason I selected this one is because the dog looks very much like my late dog Freckles. She was part of the family for 15 years and the completed painting is a good way to remember her.

D.O. (Pensacola, US)
Fun to do

This picture was fun to paint, I love the colors. The book store reminds me of a quaint store in MI where we went on vacation.

Sylvia Roberts (Moreno Valley, US)
I'd Love To See Inside Winnie's Shop!

Along with Paint By Numbers, reading is another favorite pastime of mine, so what could be better than combining the two with Winnie's Book Store! Along with all the "antiquarian" books as the sign says, I could just imagine stepping in and finding a table in the front with Oprah or Reese's new recommendations. The colors in this painting are fun and restful, and lines fun to draw with all the books inside, as well as the animals. The dog is cute, but look at the size of that cat! This is a fun one for meduim or advanced painters alike.

K.P. (North Augusta, US)
Was a joy!!

This is a great project no matter your skill level. I had such a relaxing time working on it!


Just finished painting the Bookstore painting. Loved every minute I spent on it. Very relaxing and comforting. Love the outcome.

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La librairie de Winnie