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Une femme indépendante

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$24.95 USD

Les peintures de Robin Wethe Altman sont facilement reconnaissables par leurs tons vifs et colorés. Américaine, originaire de Californie, cette artiste a fait une place de choix au jaune et au bleu dans son œuvre, rappelant le sable et l’océan de son enfance. « Une femme indépendante » en est l’exemple parfait : ces deux couleurs associées au soleil, à l’eau et aux vacances prédominent dans ce tableau. Celui-ci représente la devanture d’une jolie petite maison de campagne, dont on aperçoit une fenêtre aux volets bleus. Sur le rebord de celle-ci, un chat observe la maisonnée, assis à côté d’un pot de tournesols d’un jaune vif. Une bicyclette bleue est posée sur le mur et attend que son propriétaire l’enfourche pour aller se balader à travers les champs. La fenêtre est surplombée par une belle glycine pendante, projetant une ombre délicate sur les volets. La palette de couleurs est diversifiée car on peut aussi observer sur cette toile des roses trémières en fleurs. Accrocher cette peinture dans sa maison, c’est, assurément, y faire entrer le soleil !

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mary Carley (Overton, US)

Loved this piece and all the colors

Irene (Managua, NI)
French bike

I love this pallet of colors original of Robin Altman, enjoyed painting this art work, took me one month but love the result, can’t wait to paint another paint of this type artwork, was my first time and I love the results, hope you too guys.

C. (Gastonia, US)
Let's ride

Loved painting this one. So fun.

S.R. (Moreno Valley, US)
Enjoying Bright Colors And Sunny Days With A Woman Of Independent Means

Sometimes for me with paint by numbers, the colors become one of the most enjoyable things about the subject. This painting seemed to brighten my every day while working on it. The bright blues and yellows always made me feel warm and cheery, and the leaves casting their shadow were relaxing. Along with that, as the painting unfolds, it prompts the questions in your mind, "who is this woman?" and "how does she express her independence?". Although it is an advanced painting, it is on the lower part of the spectrum, and once you start, it will seem to go fast.

G.C. (Carmel-by-the-Sea, US)
I aped my wife’s …..

I liked this a lot till I got to the shadows of the wheel (truth be told)… it’s a nice image, not too tricky but involved… def. Medium difficulty.. there are some numbers missing in the front wheel so be warned… I went black cat which ended up looking worse :-)

Picture is my wife’s and mine side by side …. Thanks to the artist, I am being picky as it was a lot of fun ..

Jo (Salinas, US)
An exercise in patience

This was my 2nd Winnies pick, my 1st was the bold cat which I enjoyed alot and this one was my second painting which my husband picked for me.

A few colors in I wondered if I had the fortitude to complete and how I would punish my husband for the fine details and patience needed... BUT I continued plowing on and Its an interesting phenomena that after about 50% of the colors, you see the painting really start to shape up and gain an absolute thirst to see it complete... Is there such a thing as binge coloring ? :-) .. Thanks Winnie, am proud to have completed it !

Kathy (DuBois, US)
Woman of Independent Means

Starting painting when the pandemic hit. My daughter-in-law actually discovered your company and got me a custom picture for Christmas. I have since purchased two more paintings and love them. Terrific company and quality product. Highly recommend!

Sweet Chan (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Love Winnie's Picks!

The details make for an excellent outcome, am so pleased with how it turned out!

Teresa Strickler (Clearfield, US)
A Woman of Independent Means.

I was drawn to the beautiful combination of yellows and blues, as well as the bicycle in this piece. Detail abounds in all areas of the picture, even though there are plenty of large spaces. I have great satisfaction now that it is finished.

Cheri Pepito (Laguna Woods, US)

Gave this painting kit to my daughter. She completed it for a friend.

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