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$26.95 USD
Taille 40x60cm
Peintre lisant et regardant la mer à travers sa fenêtre pour trouver l’inspiration. Peinture par numéros vintage pour les amateurs d’art. Tout le matériel nécessaire est inclus dans le kit.

Robin Wethe Altman

Robin adore peindre des façades colorées et des après-midis ensoleillés à la plage. Elle puise toute son inspiration dans les océans et les montagnes.

Anecdote amusante: Robin a appris à peindre avec des peintures par numéros, un peu comme vous et moi.

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Customer Reviews

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M.S. (Amarillo, US)
She’s an artist

This painting went straight to the top of my favorites list. I truly enjoyed every minute and every detail. It’s so relatable. Considering the amount of yellows in the painting, the paints covered quite well. Winnies Picks never disappoints. On to the next one!

B.C. (Oakland, US)
She’s an Artist

Here’s our girl finished. Still need to frame her but I love how it came out. The paints were so nice to work with. Good luster. I loved painting the big cells with big blocks of color. I needed a break from the many itsy-celled paintings I’ve worked in recently. Really fun to do this one.

S.R. (Perris, US)
Totally Enjoying She's An Artist

This has been one of the most enjoyable paint by numbers I've done in the Winnies catalogue. At first glance you might not see all the little details that make this painting such a joy. The open drawer with her things, the books on the shelf underneath her, the steaming cup of coffee, her apron hanging on the wall, her cup of paints on the dresser and then all the detail of the ocean outside her window all make for an enjoyable and relaxing experience. As you discover all these nuances, you feel like her, that "YOU'RE" an artist!

Une toile d'artiste
Une feuille de référence
Quatre pinceaux
Un set de peinture acrylique
Photo de la peinture terminée
Instructions complètes

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